How to Groom a Constantly Shedding Dog

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


There is nothing like the beauty of a long-haired dog--that is until it comes time to groom him. Grooming your furball on a regular basis is the best possible thing you can do to keep him looking his best. When he sheds all the time, every inch of your home becomes coated in his hair. You walk in it, sleep in it, even eat it with your dinner if you're not careful. While all the grooming in the world won't stop Joey from shedding, regular grooming can go a long way towards keeping the mess under control. 

Dog's Perspective

To start with, not all dogs like being groomed. Some will actually fight against it. But, in most cases, this is simply because they were not properly introduced to the tools and the process properly. Take your time, go as slow as your dog needs you to until he is comfortable with being groomed. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Most dogs that shed constantly do not need to be bathed frequently and should only be bathed once or twice annually, unless they get really dirty.
  • Be sure you are using tools made for long-haired dogs, these are designed not to harm the outer guard hairs.
  • Take your time, use lots of treats, and talk to your dog in a soft, soothing voice to help keep him calm during the grooming process.
  • Never shave this type dog down to his bare skin. He has absolutely no protection from heat, cold, or the sun's UV rays, which can sunburn him very quickly.
  • Be sure you use good quality clippers and shears with sharp blades.
  • Never use any products made for humans, they may contain chemicals known to be harmful to dogs. 


Grooming a dog that constantly sheds can be very challenging. But, with plenty of practice, the two of you can master this very important skill. Think of grooming time as the perfect time for both of you to bond. On top of this, think of all the money you will be saving. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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