How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Day


Is your dream dog a Lassie Collie, bounding across the field to save Timmy from the well? How did she keep her long flowing hair looking so great while performing heroic feats weekly?! 

Your long-haired dog might be a Bearded Collie or an Afghan Hound, a Havanese, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, or a Lhasa Apso. No matter what the breed or combination thereof, long-haired dogs are beautiful to look at, as long as they are groomed properly, of course. If not groomed regularly, however, they can become matted, dirty, scraggly messes! Long-haired breeds need regular grooming and care in order to have those long flowing locks managed and to prevent mats that can interfere with movement and result in skin infections and sores. 

If you are planning on getting a long haired dog, plan on spending some time daily or every other day grooming them, so they can look their best and stay healthy.

Dog's Perspective

Your long-haired dog may or may not be a diva. Some dogs love being brushed and seem quite proud of their flowing locks. Others could not care less. Still others would rather just be left alone. Depending on what kind of dog you have, daily grooming may be something your dog looks forward to, or, not so much. Making it a positive experience for your dog will be important, as long haired dogs need grooming frequently. Start grooming your dog early to get him used to grooming and create a positive experience by being gentle, not pulling on mats, and grooming frequently so knots and tangles are regularly removed before they become a problem. This will get your dog used to being brushed and groomed. Keep grooming sessions short so your dog does not become frustrated, and to minimize discomfort during grooming.

Caution & Considerations

  • Daily, regular brushing will keep knots, and mats from forming and becoming a problem. Mats and knots can create dermatological issues or have to be cut out with scissors, which will not look as good and can expose skin in cold or hot weather to damage from frostbite or sunburn.

  • Keep sessions regular and short so your long-haired dog does not develop a tangled coat, which leads to a long and uncomfortable grooming session, which can result in a frustrated dog that does not want to cooperate with grooming.

  • Be careful trimming excess hair. Keep scissors parallel to the dog, do not point scissors at the dog.

  • Be gentle removing tangles so as not to hurt your dog. Use detanglers, oils, or baby powder and appropriate grooming tools to help make the process more comfortable.


Your long-haired beauty is ready to meet the world with some regular grooming. Daily brushing, and weekly or monthly bathing and fluffing will keep your dog a diva whether she (or he) is one by nature or not. Everyone wants to look their best. Remember that grooming your long-haired dog is not just about looks, matted hair creates skin problems which are uncomfortable for your dog and can be difficult to treat once they have developed. Stay on top of grooming your long-haired pooch and your dog will look tip-top!

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