How to Groom a Dog's Stomach

15 - 25 Minutes
4 Weeks


Your dog's stomach might be his most favorite place for you to pet and rub. But that doesn't necessarily make it his favorite place to be groomed. Knowing how to properly care for the sensitive soft skin on your dog's stomach will help to make the grooming process easier. The area along your dog's stomach also includes your dog's groin area, which is extremely sensitive. Taking your dog's stomach from fuzzy, furry, tangled, and even knotty to slick and smooth is easy to do with a pair of scissors and a set of clippers.

Dog's Perspective

Your dog may be a little apprehensive if you start rubbing his stomach for joy and pleasure and then begin tickling with the vibration of clippers. Get your dog down on the floor and rub his tummy and his face behind his ears to let him know that this is an interaction of love and affection before you start grooming his tummy. After you've done this process a few times, he will get used to it, know what to expect, and lie down ready for you to begin grooming. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Try to control any knee-jerk reactions your dog may have by introducing the clippers to him before you actually put them on his stomach to clip his fur.
  • Anytime you are cutting the fur along a dog's genitals, use scissors so he does not get hurt.
  • When you lift your dog's legs to get the underside of his legs and the edge of his stomach, be sure to lift only as high as is comfortable for your dog.
  • Large breed dogs will be more comfortable on a towel or blanket on the floor.
  • Small breed dogs could potentially lay on a table or a counter. You may still want a towel or blanket underneath your dog to keep him from sliding.
  • Your dog's stomach maybe ticklish, so be sure you are aware of his quick movements and motions so you can react quickly as well pulling scissors and clippers away from his skin.
  • Never put a clipper's blade directly on your dog's skin as this may cause rash and irritation.
  • When you are using scissors for your dog's stomach, be sure to keep them parallel with your dog's skin and not to point them directly at his stomach or genitals. 


Grooming your dog's stomach is a hairy issue. But make things easy by keeping your dog calm and comfortable and the clippers pointed in the direction of your dog’s fur growth. Trimming his stomach fur will turn your furry friend’s tummy into a place you would like to pet again.

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