How to Groom a Fluffy Dog

20 - 35 Minutes
1 Week


Fluffy dogs are those dogs that you look at and think about just how soft that fluffy fur will feel to touch. He's so fluffy! These are the dogs that are hardest to maintain and the most expensive to have professional groomers care for, yet the softest and fluffiest available. 

Owning a fluffy dog is no joke. It takes a lot of work to keep up with your fluffy dog’s needs. Not all fluffy dogs are the same. Their commonality is that they have so much fur and often a double coat, making them incredibly cute and fluffy on top of being difficult to maintain. Keeping up with your fluffy dog and the needs of his double coat isn't difficult to do. It just takes time and dedication. Remain consistent with your fluffy dog’s grooming and daily brushing. If you find yourself off track, it might be more difficult to catch back up or to detangle and de-mat or de-shed.

Dog's Perspective

Your fluffy dog probably has a superb personality and is used to everyone wanting to pet him and touch him. If you start early when your dog is a puppy, he should be used to daily grooming. But your dog may be a little apprehensive if you are using new tools or learning how to do new techniques, such as a blowout. A blowout for a skittish dog might be a bit scary because the blower is loud and can be frightening for some dogs. If you are using new tools on your dog, be sure to let him sniff them before you use them. This goes for new combs, new brushes, even a new blower for a fluffy dog blowout.

Caution & Considerations

  • If you're not certain of the traditional grooming for your dog's breed, do some research on typical styles, so you know how to groom your dog based on his breed.
  • Fluffy breeds tend to have double coats, which require a lot of extra maintenance. This might mean daily brushing for your dog.
  • Fluffy dogs with double coats will typically blow their coat at least twice a year. Dogs who live in warmer environment year-round may blow their coat more often.
  • Anytime their undercoat is blown you may want to consider a blowout or at the very least a deep brushing with a rake tool.
  • Be sure to brush your dog before any bathing. Doing so will help get out any small tangles from their long, fluffy fur.
  • Detangling your dog before bathing will make bathing easier. Brushing after bathing will be more comfortable if knots are taken care of before the fur is wet.
  • To entice your dog to sit still during daily brushings, be sure to offer him a high-value reward. End every brushing session with a tasty treat. This will also help your dog learn the patterns of when he will be groomed and wait patiently for the reward to come after.


Fluffy dogs are high maintenance dogs. But they are oh-so-cute and oh-so-fluffy. So they are well worth the maintenance involved in caring for their beautiful coat. Make your dog Top Dog in your family and keep that fluffy coat as beautiful and as soft as can be. Daily maintenance, brushing, and grooming is all your fluffy dog is going to need to maintain a beautiful coat all year long.

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