How to Groom a Large Dog's Belly

10 - 25 Minutes
1 Week


Your dog’s belly is soft and tender. It’s likely one of his most favorite places to have you rub and pet. But his belly is also quite sensitive. This is an area where tangles and knots form rather quickly as your dog's plays or even simply lies down. If your large dog’s belly has mats or large knots, you may need to shave his belly with clippers to remove the mats. Otherwise, if you are brushing his belly at least once a week his fur should remain soft and tangle-free and easy to groom. 

Though your large dog may enjoy a good belly rub, he may not enjoy belly brushing. Remember when you brush your large pup’s belly to be aware of any tangles or knots he has so you're not pulling on his sensitive skin. Be gentle in this area and remember to give your large dog a good potty cut while you're working on his belly.

Dog's Perspective

Your large dog may not enjoy a belly brushing, so if he is apprehensive, start off with a belly rub or rub his ears or his tummy before you gently brush the sensitive area on his stomach. Have some patience and reinforce a good belly grooming with some tasty treats.

Caution & Considerations

  •  If you include a potty cut into your large dog's belly grooming time, you will want to have scissors as well as clippers. Try not to use clippers on your dog's genital area but rather scissors pointed away from the genitals and parallel to the skin to trim the fur on his potty area.
  • Try to brush out as much as you can on your large dog's tummy.
  • If his stomach is matted with big knots and tangles, you may not be able to brush through because it will just tug on his sensitive skin. In this case, use some clippers and get as many of the mats off as you can with clippers rather than a comb or brush.
  • To edge around your large dog's stomach, lift his back legs one at a time while he's lying down. Only lift as high as your dog is comfortable.
  • Your large breed dog will enjoy a tummy grooming on a large blanket or towel or even his big dog bed covered in a towel for easy cleanup.
  • Your large breed pup might be not only sensitive but also a little ticklish on his belly. Be aware of his reactions to your touch in sensitive areas so you can move scissors and clippers away from his skin quickly if he were to move suddenly.
  • Anytime you're using scissors for grooming, try to keep them parallel with the skin and pointed away from sensitive areas so he doesn't get hurt.


Whether your large breed dog has long and fluffy fur or short soft fur, his belly is still going to need to be groomed on a regular basis. Keep him looking fur-tastic by brushing that belly at least once a week. Stay on top of any mats and knots so his sensitive sanitary areas are not bothered by the pain of pulling fur.

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