How to Groom a Long Haired Dog with Clippers

30 - 60 Minutes
1 Week


To many dog owners, there is nothing more beautiful than a well-groomed long-haired dog. But if you have never had to deal with keeping this type of dog groomed, you might be in for a bit of a shock the first time you try. The reality is that grooming a dog who has a long, thick coat will require effort, time, and to a certain extent, money. Part of the problem is that thick hair can become easily matted, which may be painful as well as bad for your pup's health.

Dog's Perspective

The last thing your dog wants is to go through life with his hair a mess. But it can take some time before he gets used to being groomed. The grooming tools can be frightening to him, which can make it even harder to groom. But if you let his hair go too long between groomings, you may end up with no choice but to either cut his hair really short or shave him (which is a big no-no with long-haired dogs. 

Caution & Considerations

  • When using a slicker brush, be sure to avoid going to close to your pup's skin, as it can scratch your pup.
  • Introduce your pup to all the tools you will be using during the grooming process before starting to help reduce any nervousness.
  • Do not pull on mats, as this will cause your pup pain. They should be cut out.
  • Unless your vet recommends it, you should never shave a long-haired dog as their skin could end up getting sunburned or become dry.
  • Keep a guard on the clippers to avoid injuring your pup's skin.
  • You should be brushing his coat at least every couple of days to help keep the tangles down to a minimum.
  • You should also try to give your dog a bath once a month or as often as the vet recommends.
  • You don't have to fluff your pup's hair unless you want to, but it will look very nice.
  • Always buy top-quality professional grade clippers and shears, you will find they are well-worth the investment. 


It really isn’t hard to learn how to groom your long-haired dog, but it will take time and patience on both parts to make the process go smoothly and end up with the desired results. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to take your time and be careful, so you don’t cut or nick your pup's skin. You can use rewards as treats throughout the process to help your pup relax and enjoy his grooming. 

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