How to Groom a Small Dog's Paws

15 - 20 Minutes
1 Month


No matter what breed of dog you happen to have as a part of your family, you should clean and groom his paws at least once a month. Grooming includes trimming any excess hair between the pads and toes and trimming your pup's nails.  If you allow this hair or your dog's nails to grow too long, your dog could become permanently disfigured due to lasting damage to his bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It can also make every step your pup takes feel like he is stepping on knives. 

Dog's Perspective

Your dog doesn't want to be in pain with every step he takes any more than you do, but short of trying to chew his nails and the excess hair off, he can't do much about it. As his "human BFF" he relies on you to make sure he is properly groomed and in good health. Keeping his paws properly groomed is serious business and a very important part of his continued good health. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use any cleaning products made for humans on your dog, they could be toxic.
  • Never use dull shears as they can rip the hair out of your pup's paws.
  • If you see any signs of serious damage or injury, be sure to take your pup to see his vet.
  • Take great care when cutting between the pads and his toes to ensure you don't nick or cut your pup.
  • If you find any serious mats, do not try to pull them out with a comb or brush, use sharp shears to cut them out.
  • Be sure to use safety shears to avoid injuring your pup.
  • Be sure to give your pup plenty of time to get used to having his paws touched as well as to the shears or clippers. 


While we "groom" our own feet every time we shower and keep our own nails trimmed, your pup doesn't have this ability. He relies on you to take care of his paws for him. You should be checking them frequently and grooming them at least once a month. 

Success Stories and Grooming Questions

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