How to Massage a Dog's Glands

2 - 5 Minutes
2 Months


Most dogs will do the "Butt Scootin' Doggy" dance from time to time. Like their human counterparts, they get itches too. But, when your pup starts dragging his butt across the carpet frequently, along with licking and chewing the area, this is an indication of a what could become a more serious issue. This could be a sign that his anal glands are impacted, and it is time for you to massage them and help clear them out. These glands add a scented liquid to your dog's poop and marks his territory every time he poops. 

Dog's Perspective

Your dog has no idea these glands even exist, all he knows is that when they become overfull they become painful. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate the glands on both sides of his rectum and then massage them until the blockage is cleared and they are completely emptied out. 

Caution & Considerations

  • If there are any signs of blood or pus coming from the dog's rectum, take him to see his vet immediately as these can be signs of a serious medical problem.
  • Be sure to properly lubricate your gloved hand to avoid causing injury.
  • Always protect yourself with gloves and safety glasses.
  • Keep the pressure on the glands light, too much pressure can damage them.
  • If you cannot get the glands to drain, or if you notice any other problems, be sure to take your dog to see his vet. 


Massaging a dog's anal glands may not be the most pleasant task, yet is it a vital one. Keep in mind that while not all dogs suffer from the problem of clogged glands, check frequently for impacted or infected glands. Take care of them at your earliest opportunity to ensure your dog's continued good health. 

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