How to Prevent a Dog from Shedding

10 - 20 Minutes
2 Days


Nobody enjoys a dog who sheds all over everything. Continually explaining to your guests why they are covered with fur before they leave your house is not very fun. Having to clean your couches and vacuum your hard floors every day isn't very fun either, but all dog owners know that shedding comes with having a dog. Even if your dog is a short-haired pup, he probably sheds a bit less than your furry, fluffy long haired dogs, but all dogs leave a little bit of fur behind no matter where they go. There are steps you can take to prevent your dog from shedding. Aside from grooming procedures, you can also look at your dog's diet and supplements. As far as grooming is concerned, maintaining a consistent grooming schedule that consists of proper de-shedding tools and blowouts as well as regular bathing can help your dog from shedding more than necessary.

Dog's Perspective

If your dog is not used to being brushed every day or brushed on a regular basis, he may need to get used to the grooming process you will start to prevent him from shedding as much as he may be currently. This will take some time and some patience. Reward your dog with lots of yummy and tasty treats when you are spending extra time grooming him. Once your dog is used to the change of daily or weekly grooming habits, he’ll be much more comfortable and will have less anxiety about being regularly brushed.

Caution & Considerations

  • All dogs shed, whether their fur as long or short.
  • Long haired or fluffy dogs with double coats may need to be brushed out more often than short haired dogs.
  • A dog with a double coat will blow coats at least twice a year if not more, depending on how the seasons change in the area where you live.
  • Once your dog blows his coat, you may consider a blowout to get the excess fur off of your dog quickly.
  • Look into using certain tools based on your dog's coat, breed, and length of fur. A rake tool is great for de-shedding as well as pulling that undercoat whereas a rubber brush tool might be good for getting excess fur off of the top coat.
  • Even after grooming on a consistent basis, if your dog still has problems with excess shedding, don't hesitate to look into diet and supplements for a healthy coat.
  • Be consistent when brushing your dog. Especially if they are a long haired double coated dog.
  • Brushing your dog every day can become part of your bonding together time.  Daily dog brushing also makes a great chore for any children in your house.
  • Know how your dog's coat changes with the seasons so you can be on top of these changes as they are happening instead of waiting until you realize your home is covered in dog fur from incessant seasonal shedding.


Dealing with shedding is doggone hard, but it can be managed with proper and consistent grooming. Don't let your home become a pawful place to be because of all the dog hair on every surface! Get a handle on this ruff task and brush your dog every day to rid his coat of fur before it falls on you.

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