How to Shave a Dog that Bites

15 - 30 Minutes
3 Months


Does your otherwise loveable pooch try to bite you every time you try to groom and shave him? Do you tend to reach for the muzzle to overcome this or have you simply given up and started taking him to a professional groomer and to heck with the cost? 

While you might not realize it, this type of behavior relatively common in many breeds. But, this doesn't make it right, it just makes it one more thing you need to train your pup not to do. You should be aware that there is usually an underlying reason as to why dogs try to bite at grooming time. 

Dog's Perspective

Dogs have a much better memory than most people realize, so if at any time they have been traumatized during grooming it can make them very anxious. It might have been nothing more than someone being too rough during brushing, ripping out hair and causing pain. Or it could be that your pup was once nicked by the clippers. No matter the cause, the result is that he is now scared of being groomed and biting is the way he reacts to it. 

Caution & Considerations

  • If you are calm, your dog will be calm. If you get excited, so will he, and then he is likely to bite.
  • Use clippers and shears that have sharp blades. They cut faster, making the job go more smoothly. 
  • Be aware that older dogs may have health issues that cause pain and may lead to biting.
  • If you suspect pain or a medical problem is behind your dog's biting, make an appointment with your vet to get things checked out.
  • Make sure you give your dog plenty of time to get used to grooming tools before you used them.
  • A scared dog will almost certainly bite. Watch for signs your dog is growing fearful or working up to a bite. 
  • Keep grooming him on a regular basis, this will also help him become used to the task. 


Getting your dog used to being shaved and not biting is going to take some time, be very patient and stay calm. The idea is to teach him to relax and enjoy the process rather than be scared of it and bite you. Keep working at it, in time you will reach your goal.

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