How to Shave a Dog that Won't Sit Still

30 - 60 Minutes
6 Months


Shaving a dog can be challenging enough for an experienced groomer. But when you are trying to take care of the task yourself and Jody won't sit still for a second, it takes the challenge to a whole new level. Let's face it, you can't groom her if she keeps moving, it just isn't possible! Or is it? Maybe not in quite the sense you are thinking. The only way to successfully and safely shave a dog that won't sit still is to teach her to sit still. Sounds simple enough. But the road to this goal is paved with many bumps and traps along the way. You must be ready to work with your pup to gain her trust and to give her a good reason to sit still while you give her a good shave with proper grooming techniques.

Dog's Perspective

An excited pup like Jody has no interest in sitting still for much of anything, let alone for long enough to be shaved. But with time, patience, and the right forms of encouragement, you should be able to get her calmed down enough to let you shave her. Keep in mind, you may need to take 'wiggle breaks' throughout the process to help Jody stay still the rest of the time. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Always use a blade guard on the clippers to help keep you from nicking or cutting Jody's skin. Be sure that the clippers have a sharp blade and are lubricated properly. This can help prevent any injuries, burns, or cuts that may occur with the improper tools.
  • Be sure to check the blade using a fingertip for temperature frequently. You will also want to clear out any hair to keep the blades working properly as you go along.
  • Brush out Jody's coat first to remove any tangles, mats, and debris that may be in her fur. Take your time to go over her coat entirely to ensure that you don't miss anything that could cause issues with shaving later. 
  • Treats are a great way to reward Jody and help her learn to relax for grooming. 
  • Taking breaks may help a higher-energy dog handle grooming in a much more manageable way. Try not to expect her to hold still for too long before getting a break. 


Shaving a dog that seems to be constantly in motion present its very own set of unique challenges. The good news is that the more you work with your pup to get him or her to settle down for grooming and shaving, the stronger the bond between the two of you will grow. Take your time and be patient with your wiggly pup and it'll certainly pay off in the long run. 

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