How to Shave a Dog Wound

10 - 20 Minutes
1 Day


It can be understandably scary if your dog is hurt by another animal or during play and sustains a wound. If the wound is significant - a large abrasion that is actively bleeding or that is contaminated with any kind of significant debris - you should contact your veterinarian straight away. Those kinds of abrasions or wounds can require debridement (the careful and sometimes uncomfortable removal of debris) or stitches. However, if a wound is not actively bleeding and is shallow, it may be possible to avoid the stress of a visit to the vet and treat the wound in the comfort of your home.

Dog's Perspective

If a dog has been injured by a cut, scrape or bite, it is likely that he is on-edge and nervous. The idea of you approaching his wound with unknown substances might be a stressful proposition. For this reason, it is best to recruit a second hand for restraint or to distract him from his clean-up with pats, sweet nothings or treats. If your dog is especially anxious or prone to biting, a muzzle may also be used to protect you and him, and to ensure that his wound is treated thoroughly.

Caution & Considerations

  • A serious wound should be treated immediately by a veterinary professional. 
  • Any wound that compromises the tissue below the surface layer, that is actively bleeding, or that has produced evidence of infection such as pus or swelling likely requires medical attention.  
  • Bite wounds, in particular, may cause damage to deeper tissue than is sometimes evident at the point of tooth entry. 
  • Any wound to the eyes should also be treated by a veterinarian.


As a dog owner, it can be scary and stressful when your dog gets hurt. However, if your pup is one to get worked up over going to the vet, there are ways to treat a minor surface wound at home. As long as you are careful to remove hair and other contaminants from the site, to clean the wound antiseptically and to carefully monitor it for proper healing, you can save Fido the stress of a doctor's appointment, and take his grooming and nursing into your own hands.

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