How to Shave a Small Dog's Face

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Month


Jock has a ton of hair and it often seems like most of it is on his head and face. How you cut it depends on your personal tastes, your breed's specific styles, and how creative you feel like being. It helps if you visualize Jock's head in terms of three different sections: the top of his head going from the brow line to the back of the skull, the sides of his head and cheeks going from just under his ears to the outer corner of his eyes, and the chin, going from his chin to the middle of his throat. 

Dog's Perspective

While Jock might not be worried about having his coat groomed, when it comes to shaving his face, that’s a horse of a different color. When the hair on his own head becomes long enough to get in his eyes and block his vision or get inside of his nostrils where they can irritate his sinuses, he will probably start trying to let you know that it's time for a trim. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use products intended for humans on Jock as they can cause serious health issues or irritation of the skin.
  • Be sure your clippers have sharp blades. Clippers that do not have sharp blades may catch the fur and tug it, causing injury and pain. 
  • Be sure to lubricate the blades to keep them from getting hot and burning Jock's skin. If you're inexperienced with clippers, you may want to ensure that you have plenty of practice with them before using them on your dog. 
  • Use safety shears with rounded tips to avoid poking Jock. Feel things out with your hands to make sure they are less prone to causing cuts or nicks. 
  • Take your time during this process, as this will make things much easier for both of you. If you need to take breaks or give your dog a reward to keep him still, don't hesitate to do so. The more fun and relaxing you can make it, the better. 


It really doesn’t take long to learn how to shave your dog's face, but it does take a lot of patience and an eye for detail. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and work with Jock instead of against him and you should have no problem shaving his face. Feel free to consult professional groomers for tips and tricks for making the process pain-free and fun. 

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