How to Shave your Dog Without Lines

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One of the most common reasons given for taking the family dog to a professional groomer is the fear of leaving lines in their coat after shaving her. Of course, it only stands to reason that there will be a few lines in Adele's coat after your first several attempts to shave her instead of spending a fortune at the local groomers. But before you cut ties with the groomer, you might think about asking them to show you how they manage to shave so many dogs without leaving so much as a single line. With enough practice and dedication to your dog's grooming, you can start to shave her coat down without leaving any hint that you weren't a professional yourself! It just takes the right amount of practice and the appropriate techniques to get it right. 

Dog's Perspective

Chances are very good that Adele won't notice or care that you have left a few lines in her coat after you have finished shaving her. The only person affected by the lines is you. Other than being a little unsightly, the lines aren't going to cause her any lasting physical or mental damage. The best thing you can do to prevent lines is take your time and follow the methods that are well known and used by the professionals in the grooming salon. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use dull blades as they can rip hair out, which is very painful. If your blades are dull, you'll want to go out and purchase a new set in order to avoid any injury or improper handling of the fur.
  • Always lubricate the clipper blades to help keep them cool. If you don't have the proper lubricant for the blades, wait until you do in order to ensure that you won't cause burns or leave lines.
  • Check the blades frequently with a finger to make sure they are not overheating. You may need to take small breaks throughout the process to do these checks.
  • If you must use shears, be sure they are sharp and have rounded safety tips to prevent nicks or cuts.
  • Be sure you are using the right guide on the clippers. If you're using the wrong guides, it can be difficult to avoid getting lines.
  • If your pup won't sit still for being shaved, be sure to use a helper to keep it safe. You can also use a collar or a leash for easy holding.
  • Don't be afraid to use lots of soothing talk and treats during the session to make everything easier.


The biggest challenge to shaving a dog without leaving lines behind is time. You need to go slow and Adele wants to move. This is where having a second pair of helping hands to keep her still. It is also where talking to her and giving her treats can help make the entire process go smoothly for both of you. Take your time, be patient, and work on your technique in order to get a good, quality shave for your dog's coat. 

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Terrier mix
4 Years
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Terrier mix
4 Years

What do you recommend as the best layperson clippers?

Darlene Stott
Darlene Stott
Dog Trainer and Groomer
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Thank you for the question. I cannot promote a specific type, but I would recommend buying a top of the line brand. Cordless is nice, because that makes for easy movement. A top of the line brand will not overheat - a very important feature - or snag the fur. Ask at the dog park or the veterinarian to see what others use. Good luck and all the best with Molly!

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