How to Trim a Dog's Muzzle

10 - 15 Minutes
1 Month


While you might feel as though you have mastered the art of grooming your pup's coat, it can be a little different when it comes to trimming his muzzle. While grooming the rest of his body may be a little challenging, working around his face can be a bit more difficult, especially if he is nervous at all. The sooner you start training your dog to allow you to groom him, including is muzzle, the better. 

Trimming around his muzzle may be a bit challenging, but it needs to be done. The most important thing to remember is that your pup will pick up on your nervousness so be calm and patient with him and you both will do just fine. 

Dog's Perspective

The last thing your dog wants is hair getting in his nose, his eyes, or his mouth every time he eats or drinks. Imagine how you would feel if it was you. Of course, you know your pup is not going to be so happy with the idea of watching you with shears or clippers in your hand that close to his face. But, if you give him time to get used to the tools and being trimmed, it won't take long before trusts you. 

Caution & Considerations

  • You may need to do this every 2 to 4 weeks depending on your dog's breed.
  • Never place the clipper blades directly on his skin as they could burn or cut his skin.
  • You may find using a grooming table for small to medium size dogs will make it easier for both of you.
  • Always use clippers or shears with sharp blades to avoid ripping the hair out of your pup's muzzle.
  • Pay close attention to your pup's eyes to ensure you don't hit them with the shears or clippers.
  • With most breeds, you will not need to trim the top of his muzzle, just the sides and his chin.
  • Take your time getting your pup used to the shears or clippers, this will make grooming his muzzle much easier. 


Long before you break out the shears or clippers, take a few minutes to research what the average dog in your dog's breed looks like. This will help you to cut your pup's hair and muzzle properly and not leave him with an embarrassing haircut he will not be happy with. Of course, in time the hair will grow out and your pup will forgive you. 

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