How to Trim a Dog's Undercoat

15 - 20 Minutes
1 Month


If you are lucky enough to own a dog with an undercoat or second coat, you probably know all about cleaning up mounds of hair all over your house. Especially in the spring and fall when he sheds. While shedding is a natural occurrence, it can leave a huge mess in your home.

Having this type of coat can make grooming very challenging, but if you don't keep up on it, your pup will end up looking a mess. Taking the time to groom your pup on a regular basis also gives you time to check him over for fleas, ticks, cuts, scrapes, and many other health problems. 

Dog's Perspective

Your pup sheds his coat twice a year, but even though he does this, it still falls on you to take care of the rest of his outer and undercoat. This will help keep the number of mats and tangles down to a minimum. It also helps you to spot possible medical issues or parasite infestations. This is all part of keeping your pup as happy and healthy as possible. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Always use clippers with sharp blades; dull blades will snag hair and rip it out of your pup's skin.
  • Always use shears with sharp blades and safety tips to protect your pup's skin.
  • Never use products made for humans as most contain ingredients that can cause skin irritation or worse for your pup.
  • Be patient and take your time, this should be enjoyable for both of you.
  • Many dogs with undercoats should not be bathed frequently, talk to your vet to see how often you should be bathing your pup.
  • You should never, ever, shave a dog with a double coat down to his bare skin unless directed to do so by your vet. It could lead to sunburn, dry skin, and numerous other medical conditions. 


While trying to groom a dog with a heavy undercoat can be difficult, it is a vital part of your dog's overall health. It gives you a chance to check his fur and skin for parasites, cuts, scrapes, and other injuries. Make this time together special, you can use it as part of your overall bonding, especially if you keep a ready supply of treats on hand. 

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