How to Trim Your Puppy's Face

10 - 15
2 Weeks


Of all the different tasks involved in caring for your puppy, does the thought of having to trim her facial hair leave you quaking at the knees? Using clippers or shears around her face can be more than a little scary for both of you at first. But, with a little time, practice, and patience, you will soon be trimming her face like a pro. The whole process should take you less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Some long-haired breeds and dogs who require special cuts may take longer. 

Dog's Perspective

Although you may already know it, your pup probably has little to no interest in being groomed. Yet, at the same time, when her face hair gets in her eyes or nostrils and starts to irritate, she looks to you to make it all better. Keep in mind the tools you plan to use for trimming her face are going to make her nervous at first. The younger she is when you start trimming her face hair the easier it will be. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Use extra caution around your pup's eyes, ears, and nose. 
  • Use sharp shears and clipers; dull blades will rip the hair out of the skin.
  • Use safety shears with a rounded tip instead of a pointed one to avoid injury.
  • Never trim your dog while her hair is wet, it will catch in the clippers and be pulled.
  • Never try to cut the hair on your dog's face alone if she won't stand still. Use an assistant or better yet, a grooming restraint instead. 


There is nothing wrong with being leery when it comes to trimming a puppy's head and face. Take your time, give the pup plenty of time to get used to what's going on and you will soon be an old pro at this. 

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