How to Wash a Dog in the Sink

15 - 30 Minutes
6 Weeks


Using a sink to wash your dog is perfect for small breeds and puppies. A sink puts your dog at your waist level instead of bending over to reach into a tub. Your kitchen sink may also have a handheld shower faucet to make getting your dog wet and rinsing shampoo a much simpler task than using a cup or bowl for rinsing. Sinks can come with challenges, however, so always be careful when you place your dog in a sink for a bath. Don't ever leave him unattended that high up with the ability to jump out of the sink and down to the floor.

Dog's Perspective

When it comes to bathing in general your dog may be excited, or you may not be excited. He may also be a bit nervous to be up so high, especially if this is something he's not used to doing. Ease his mind by giving him treats and prepare before bath time starts so you can address any challenges which may arise. Utilize the ease of the sink and make that time quick and easy for your pup.

Caution & Considerations

  • Always prepare in advance for giving your dog a bath in the sink. This will mean having shampoos and towels within arm's reach of the sink so you do not have to leave your dog unattended to go get supplies you need for the bath.
  • An extra towel placed on the bottom of the sink will help keep your pup from slipping and sliding.
  • Remember if you are using the faucets to help rinse your pup to drain the water at the same time so you do not overfill the sink.
  • Keep your little dog safe by not filling the sink too deep before setting him in the sink.
  • In preparation for a sink bath, fill the sink part way with warm water before bringing the dog in for bathing. Make sure this water is warm, not hot and not too cold, as little dogs chill easily.
  • If your dog is nervous or anxious, bring treats to the area before you begin your bath so you can offer him treats when he gets in as you get him wet, after you've scrubbed him down with shampoo, and upon rinsing.
  • Even though your dog is small enough to fit into a sink, expect him to shake a lot of excess water out of his fur once you have finished rinsing him.
  • To protect the surrounding area from getting splashed when your dog shakes, hold a towel over him or up in the air in front of you to catch that flying water.


Small dogs and puppies make bathing easier on your knees and back by fitting perfectly into a sink. Wash your little guy in your bathroom or your kitchen. But be sure to keep him safe by not leaving him unattended and ensuring you are well prepared before starting your little pup's sink bath.

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