How to Wash a Dog's Paws

5 - 10 Minutes
1 Day


Whenever the weather is inclement, the first thing your dog is likely to do is jump in the nearest mud puddle so he can play around. While this might be a lot of fun for your pup, it leaves you with the unpleasant task of wiping or washing his paws. The last thing anyone wants to do is give their dog a bath every day. Not only is this a hassle, but giving your dog a bath every day is not good for the health of his coat or skin. It can lead to dry skin, cracks, sores, and unnecessary pain. The good news is that washing his feet is a relatively simple task that should only take a few minutes. 

Dog's Perspective

Your dog doesn't like dirty feet either, that is why he spends so much time licking and chewing on them. But, he will only do this after he has come in the house. In the meantime, your pup is tracking dirt all over your home. With a little practice, your pup will get used to having his paws washed when they get dirty and need a little help.

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use soaps or shampoos made for humans, they contain several harsh chemicals that can harm or even kill your dog.
  • Be sure you rinse his paws thoroughly, as even pet soaps and shampoos can cause issues if he ingests too much of it by licking his paws.
  • Introduce your pup to having his paws washed slowly so that he doesn't freak out. This will make the job a lot easier later on.
  • Be sure you make the process fun by using an excited tone in your voice and praising him for being calm and well-behaved.
  • Be sure you wash between his toes and pads as dirt tends to build up in these areas, which can cause injury and infection.
  • When there is snow and ice outside, you need to wash your pup's paws the moment you come in to remove road salt and de-icing chemicals that can make your pup ill if ingested.


It only takes a few minutes to wash your dog's paws when you come back in from going potty or for a walk when the weather is bad. But, doing so is not only good for keeping your home clean, it is good for his health as he won't be ingesting things he shouldn't. Take your time, make it fun, and your pup will eventually look forward to having his paws cleaned. 

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