How to Wash a White Puppy

15 - 30 Minutes
1 Week


There is nothing quite as eye-catching as the sight of a snow-white dog walking down the street. However, keeping Snowball looking her best can be a challenge as anyone who owns a white-haired dog can tell you. Since Snowball is still a puppy that likes to get into everything, keeping her coat nice and white is going to take a bit of hard work on your side. Keep in mind that food, urine, and tear stains need to be cleaned up immediately or they could become permanent stains. The good news is that dirt, in general, does not cause staining and regular bathing will keep Snowball clean. 

Dog's Perspective

Keep in mind, you should never over-bathe your dog. This can strip Snowball's hair and skin of their natural oils that protect them. Also note that there are special "bleaching" shampoos on the market, made just for white dogs. Most of these shampoos have a blue or violet tone to them. These shampoos are designed to gently remove stains and restore the brightness to Snowball's coat. 

Caution & Considerations

  • Never use shampoos, soaps, or conditioners made for human use on your dog. They contain ingredients that have been found to be toxic to dogs.
  • Always use shampoos, soaps, and conditioners that are vet-approved. This means they have been proven safe for use on your pup.
  • Brush your pup daily, as this will help keep dirt buildup to a minimum and help keep her coat looking nice and white for much longer.
  • If you must trim her hair, use straight thinning shears with a sharp blade and rounded tips.
  • Use baby wipes in between baths to help keep her coat cleaner, especially those areas that are most prone to staining. You may want to keep some of these on hand whenever you go on an outing.
  • Be sure to use tepid water (about the same temperature you would use to bathe a baby). Any hotter than this could burn your pup's skin and cold water may make a bath uncomfortable.


Keeping Snowball looking her best takes a lot of work. In fact, it is a daily task, as you should be wiping her face using a canine wipe daily, using a tear stain remover, wiping her body down with a baby wipe, and, of course, giving her regular baths using a whitening shampoo. No matter how much hard work keeping her coat nice and white might seem, when you sit back, and she gives you that "I look great!" look, you'll know it was all worthwhile!

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