How to Wash out Dog Hair

30 - 60 Minutes
1 Week


If you are the proud owner of your very own hair producing machine, better known as Lassie, your clothes and just about every area of your home are subject to sharing in the bounty of shed hair. Getting rid of this bounty starts with getting the loose hair out of Lassie and then working on getting rid of it from your home. All dogs shed almost constantly, even those with short coats. But most of us only notice the problem when we have a dog with a long coat as these breeds tend to shed more noticeably. Being able to give your dog a proper wash in order to eliminate the amount of shedding that happens in your home is a handy grooming routine. It should be part of a weekly grooming session to keep Lassie happy and healthy. 

Dog's Perspective

Lassie is barely aware of the fact that she leaves a coating of her hair wherever she goes. Even if she does realize she is shedding, chances are pretty good she really doesn't care. To reduce the amount of hair she does shed, a good bath and brushing will go a long way. She may not appreciate bath time, but it can definitely help to keep her coat looking great. 

Caution & Considerations

  • You should never shave a double-coated dog just because you are tired of the mess. This can lead to serious skin issues, including sunburn, dry skin, and many others. A double-coated dog needs its undercoat to maintain skin and fur health. 
  • If you come across a serious mat or tangle, do NOT try to remove it with the brush. These mats can cause tugging and pulling on the skin and can cause pain.
  • Use shears or a dematting tool to cut mats that are difficult to get out. When all else fails, consults a professional groomer to prevent damage to the skin or fur.
  • You can try to remove tangled mats in the tub using shampoo to help lubricate the hair and your fingers to gently try and work it loose. If this fails, you will have to cut it out.
  • Never use any products made for humans on Lassie as they contain ingredients that can be hazardous to her health. Ensure that you use shampoos and conditioners that are safe for use on dogs. 
  • Dogs that shed should be brushed daily in order to limit the amount of hair that is being lost. 


Washing the loose hair out of your dog's coat can be challenging, but the more frequently you keep them brushed, especially during shedding season, the less buildup will occur in her coat. Along with this, keeping her coat nice and clean will help cut down on the amount of hair all over your home. With proper maintenance, the stress of shedding season should be much more easy to maintain. 

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