Tips to Arrange a Christmas Tree with a Dog


With the holiday season now upon us, many dog owners will be stressing at the thought of trying to put up a large and lavish tree with an excitable pooch in the house. You may even have visions of trees toppling down on top of everyone! Rather than forgo your Christmas spirit, you only need to get creative with how you approach your Christmas tree arrangement. You can then celebrate the festive season without the worry of the tree falling on family and friends. These tips may help you to arrange your tree without an over-excited pup putting a damper on the experience.

Fire Guard

A fire guard is not only helpful for keeping little hands and paws away from the fireplace but your tree as well! Place a fire guard around the base of your tree, putting distance between your furry friend and it. They won't be close enough to work any decorations loose or rip open any presents before the big day!

Dog-Friendly Trees

If you've had a ruff few days dealing with a toppled over Christmas tree, then vow to do something different next year. Invest in a pet-friendly tree. You can now buy artificial Christmas trees that feature no greenery or branches on the bottom, but plenty on the top. You can decorate knowing they won't be able to reach anything worth stealing!

Tree That's Not a Tree

It might seem like you're getting the raw end of the bully stick, not being able to put your tree up because your animals are troublemakers, but it's not all bad. There are so many tree-like alternatives. You can put an artwork tree on the wall, build one out of wood, or even sculpt one out of books, bricks, or something similar.
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Go Green

There's no denying that tinsel, a sparkling angel, and glowing Christmas lights make a tree look beautiful, but when it comes to pets, less is more. Focus on making your tree look as pawsitively awful as possible. The less desirable it is, with no hanging baubles, the less likely your pets will be to tamper with it!

Safe and Non-Toxic

Even if your dog is not a tree destroyer, you still have to cater to their needs when you put your tree up. Don't use any Christmas plants that may be toxic to dogs, and steer away from the edible decorations as well. Instead, focus on beautiful baubles and other delightful ornaments that your pup won't find all that delicious!