10 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Valentine's Dates


Has the day of love got you feeling bummed this year? Forget the crushes that are ghosting you or the exes posting vomit-worthy pics with new partners -- there's one Valentine's date that will never let you down. Who are we talking about? Your pooch, of course!

That bundle of fluff, cuddles, and slobber is there for you on both good days and bad, and we bet they'd be tail-waggingly thrilled to spend a whole day (or evening -- some of us still work on the 14th) at your side. Join us as we give you the low-down on why puppers take the cake for the best Valentine's Day dates!

#10 Their Schedule is Free

When arranging your "heart day" itinerary, there's no need to worry about your woofer already having plans. You'll never feel like you're not important enough to your four-legged love bug. We can almost guarantee that their calendar is empty!

#9 They Won't Leave You Hanging

Okay -- maybe they won't text you back, but your pooch is not likely to abandon you this Valentine's Day. In fact, chances are that they will (sort of) patiently wait for you at your home, right by the door, anticipating the moment that your key turns the lock. Find a human date that will be that dedicated -- we dare you!

#8 You Don't Need to Buy Them Flowers

Although some fur-babies enjoy the, er, flavor of a bouquet, your doggo will in no way be offended by you not bringing flowers home on Valentine's Day. To be honest, we're pretty sure they're sitting there wondering what exactly a "valentine" is -- and if, perhaps, it's as tasty as a bouquet.
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#7 They are Down for Any Plan

When your date is your dog, you don't really have to worry about where they want to go. Sure, they'll be pumped if you decide on an outing to the dog park, but they'll probably be equally as pumped to drive around to your favorite take-out spot (as long as they get a fry or two, that is!).

#6 They Won't be High-Maintenance

Gone are the days of waiting endless hours for your date to be ready! By making your barky buddy your Valentine's date, you'll be saving yourself hours of boredom or anguish usually spent worrying about what exactly is taking so long. If you're feeling really festive, you could take them to the groomers prior to your evening -- but that's totally your call!

#5 You Get to Keep All of the Chocolate

For those sharing their special day with a canine companion, rejoice! That entire box of chocolates now has your name on it! While sharing snacks with your pooch can sometimes be fun, chocolate is toxic to our four-legged roommates. This means you have an entirely guilt-free reason to hoard the sweets! Go easy, though; sugar hangovers are a real thing!

#4 They'll Sit Quietly Through the Movie

If you're a date traditionalist at heart, there's no question what your Valentine's Day consists of -- dinner and a movie! By picking Fido as your partner, you get rid of any of that uncomfortable back-and-forth about what movie to watch or whether you want to go to a drive-in or just crash on the couch. Wherever pups are allowed, your doggo is sure to love!

#3 They Don't Care How Much Money You Spend

No good boy or girl ever turned their sniffer up at time spent with their favorite human. For this reason, you don't have to spend a dime to impress your date when your date is a dog! In fact, you can take it one step further and sort out some pooch-safe leftovers in your fridge destined for the trash can. Your fur-kid will be overjoyed.

#2 They Make the Best Cuddlers

One thing we can absolutely guarantee is that you'll never find a date that cuddles better than your pupper. Giant or mini, pooches love nothing more in this world than to curl up beside -- or on top of -- you at any time.

#1 They are Always Thankful

In a time and age where dating can severely lack manners, your woofer is a date that will always say thanks. While they may not say it in English, you'll know by the kisses, tail wags, and longing stares that you've made them feel like the special pups they truly are!