6 Valentine's Day Do's and Dont's with Your Dog


As Valentine's Day draws near, you may be planning out the ideal day of love with none other than your number one honey, your pooch! Don't worry, you'll find no judgements here! Not only do we think dedicating a day to making your woofer feel extra loved is awesome — we actually encourage it!

To help you pinpoint exactly how to spend your special pupper-person date, we're going to share our top do's and don'ts to help make the event a smash success. Follow closely as we give you tips to have the best, barkiest Valentine's Day ever!

Don't: Give Your Dog Chocolate

Under no circumstances — repeat, no circumstances — should you pop on a rom-com and share a box of chocolates with your dog. While the movie might be sappy, the cocoa in the chocolate is practically poison to your pooch. If you must share a snack, we suggest a very small amount of cheesy popcorn instead.

Do: Take Your Dog on a Walk Somewhere New

Whether it's a new neighborhood or an exciting hike, exploring fresh surroundings gives you both a dose of mental stimulation. Your pup will love sniffing out all of the exciting new scents while you check out the scenery. Just remember to bring doggie bags so you don't leave any unexpected Valentine's Day surprises for those behind you!

Don't: "Lady and the Tramp" It

Yes, it was probably the cutest moment in cartoon history, but trust us! Sharing spaghetti with your dog — especially at a fancy Italian restaurant — is almost guaranteed to end in disaster. Not to mention, you may be shocked at how greedy your woofer is with the meatballs!
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Do: Bring Home a Little Gift

While our canine pals may not worry about what gifts they're going to get like we do, they still enjoy a nice surprise every now and then. Why not pop into your favorite pet supply shop on the way home and see what special treats and toys they're selling for Valentine's Day? Whatever it is, we bet it has hearts on it!

Don't: Forget About Your Fur-baby

Just because you have a special day or evening planned with your favorite two-legger doesn't mean your pooch is chopped liver. There are tons of date ideas that can include your pal on the fun, including some restaurant patios if weather allows. Worst case scenario, plan to drop in part way through your celebrations to dish out some extra ear scratches to your beloved doggo.

Do: Start a Valentine's Tradition with Your Dog

To banish human love blues for good, begin a special Valentine's ritual with your furry companion. It can be as simple as going to the pet shop to let them pick their own treat or as fancy as seeking out dog-friendly activities or dinners in your area. We're sure the time spent with your pupper will warm both your hearts this February, and for years to come!