Top 10 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas in San Francisco, CA


It's been dubbed the most dog-friendly city in the entire nation -- and for good reason! San Francisco is full of restaurants, beaches, shops, and parks that all welcome furry guests with open arms. There's no reason not to include your four-legged third wheel along this Valentine's Day.

Join us as we comb through the ten best date options in San Francisco that will allow your fur-child along for the fun, too! Because really, what could be more romantic than having your fluffy, stinky, goobery best friend in on the evening? Nothing -- that's what!

Head to Land's End Beach Off-Leash Dog Area

Do you and your honey love to walk hand in hand by the bay? Go for a romantic stroll on the eve of the fourteenth -- and bring your pupper along to dash across the sand at Land's End Beach. No leashes are needed, so you can spend your date enjoying the look of total freedom wiped on your woofer's mug.

Take an Extranominal Tour

For the adventurous couple, Extranominal Tours offers all kinds of tours, from hiking in sequoias to sipping on wine -- all of them around the Bay Area! Better yet, if you opt for a private tour, your pooch is allowed to join in on the fun! All the company asks is that all canines are leashed and on their best behavior.

Stroll Around Fort Mason

What was once a pivotal port for the US Army is now a peaceful green patch in the city. If you and your sweetheart enjoy history, the outdoors, and your little fur-ball, head straight to Fort Mason for a relaxing walk around the historic buildings and structures.
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Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Okay, maybe it's cliche, but that doesn't mean walking across the Golden Gate Bridge as the sun begins to set is any less dreamy than all the movies make it out to be! Not only will you and your date enjoy some amazing sights, but your fuzzy pal will also get their daily dose of exercise.

Grab a Bite at Duboce Park Cafe

A cafe with a doggo right on the logo has to be pup-friendly -- and Duboce Park Cafe definitely is! All canine patrons are allowed out on the patio, meaning your love and you can grab an afternoon meal and dine in the warm sunshine.

Sip and Sample at JAX Vineyards

What makes for a better date than trying out new wines after exploring the grounds of a vineyard? Being able to bring along your four-legged pal, too -- that's what! To enjoy a romantic day, just remember to keep your woofer leashed throughout your visit.

Get Great City Views at Mount Davidson Park

For Valentine's Day, switch up your regular park visit and head up to Mount Davidson Park! The puppers can run around off-leash while the people get to look out at incredible panoramic views of the city below. To take your date up a notch, bring along some yummy eats for the two of you to eat while your fur-kid plays!

Enjoy a Cold One at Bender's Bar and Grill

Does your date love trying out new brews? Make their day by planning a Valentine's Day date at Bender's Bar and Grill. Not only will you get to enjoy craft beers and yummy eats, but you'll also get to bring your leashed pooch right inside with you, too!

Go for a Fancy Dinner at Palomino Restaurant and Bar

Treat your Valentine to filet mignon on Palomino's patio -- and order a bowl of water for your canine compadre, too! This snazzy eatery has a soft spot for fur-babies, meaning you can have a formal dinner date with your leashed pup at your feet.

Take a Meander Down Barbary Coast Trail

Explore the neighborhoods of San Fran with both your crush and your pooch on the Barbary Coast Trail. This path leads through scenic streets for almost four miles, making for a perfect way to spend an afternoon. The trail ends at Aquatic Park, giving you beautiful views of the water -- how romantic!