8 Clever Valentine's Day Dog Puns


Is there someone in your life (besides your darling doggo, of course) that you think is really furrific? A fellow pet parent that you find particularly pawesome? Like it or loathe it, love is in the air, and if there’s a special person in your heart, now’s the time to let them know how you feel.

These 8 Valentine’s Day dog puns are ideal for crafting some homemade cards or maybe just to send as a quick text message to the pupper-lover you adore. And even if you’re staying solo this year, they might be good for a bit of a giggle!

I labra-dore you

Of course your buddy is the most beautiful dog in the world in your eyes, whatever their breed. But nothing says absolute devotion like a sweet, big-eyed labrador puppy. There’s a reason these pups were voted the nation’s favorite dog by the American Kennel Club for over 25 years running!  They’re beautiful, intelligent, laid-back and loyal -- make no bones about it, they’re the ideal valentine.

I can't terrier myself away

Particularly in the early days, you might want to spend every waking moment of your life with your beloved. When you’re with them, colors seem brighter, music sounds sweeter, and their smile makes your whole day. Make the most of these moments, but if you’re feeling a little clingy, it might be an idea to take a leaf out of the famously independent terrier’s book.

I really dig you

Unearth your true feelings with this short and to-the-point message. While this isn’t the most unique dog pun, sometimes it’s best to go with a classic. Casual and laid-back, this is a grrr-eat way to let the person you love know that you appreciate them, without shouting it from the rooftops like an impassioned drama-school reject. Plus, the retro vibe is kinda cute.

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Collie me maybe

Are there any songs out there more romantic than Carly Rae Jepsen’s "Call Me Maybe"? Why yes, yes there are, and no reasonable person would argue otherwise. Still, this coy pup pun makes for a really good card to give to that special someone who’s just started giving you butterflies -- maybe that cute fellow pet parent at the dog park. Can’t hurt to try, right?

Will you spaniel life with me?

We do not necessarily recommend proposing to your significant other with a dog pun -- although if they say yes (or at least laugh), you’ve definitely found a keeper. This might be a sweet message to send to someone after the ring’s on their finger and you’ve finalized the date. Or as soon as it’s too difficult or embarrassing for them to get out of it.

Dalmatian me crazy

Love can quite literally drive you barking mad -- studies show that new lovers have less sense than the sleep-deprived. Don’t worry though, that’s what makes it so exciting! Alternatively, if you’re in a long-term, cohabiting situation, your partner might drive you up the wall. You love them, but would it kill them to clean their hair out of the shower drain once in a while?

You're very fetching

Put on your best Colin Firth impression with this reserved yet touching pun. Even if you’re not quite Mr. Darcy, someone might throw you a bone. In the best case scenario, this might start a bit of back-and-forth. Get a permanent marker and write it on the side of a ball. Just don’t aim for the head -- a concussion isn’t a great meet-cute.

Cupid can pug right off

If you’ve recently had your heart broken, you might be trying your best to keep cool, mature, and magnanimous about the whole situation. We’re all adults here, right? Well, guess what? The over-the-top nature of Valentine’s Day gives you a paw-fect excuse to melt into a puddle of bitter misery. Eat some chocolate -- you’re too good for them anyway. Your dog will always love you!