Slide Hill Park Off Leash Area

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Park Rule: Off Leash
Restroom: Unknown
Park Size: Large
Small Dog Area: No
Fee: None

Pets are welcome to have fun, run around, and make new friends at Slide Hill Park which has a dedicated off-leash area for dogs. However, this designated area at the southern end of the park is not fenced, so dog owners are advised to be careful and to keep a close eye on their dogs to prevent any problems and to prevent accidents.

The park itself is very popular for its pool complex and large cement slide. The slide, as well as the nearby rocks, are very popular with BMX bikers. The park occasionally hosts the Davis’ most massive trebuchet and is home to unique species or songbirds and owls. It is a trendy spot for birdwatching so you may also bring your binoculars with you when heading to the park.

The vast park offers more than just an area for dogs to exercise. Some of its other features are a softball field, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball hoops, large grassy fields, and a small playground. It is reasonably well-maintained and clean, two things which are very important.

Pet waste left is unsightly and smelly and is a pollutant to water and a health risk for pets and people. People are urged to clean up after their pets and properly disposed of in plastic bags in a garbage receptacle. The park does not have free dog poop bags, so dog owners have to bring their own. 

Dogs are prohibited from being in the children’s play areas and greenbelts unless they are designated service animals. All dogs in Davis have to be licensed, and licenses can be obtained from the Davis Police Department. A current rabies certificate is required. Dog owners who have spayed or neutered dogs will be happy to know that they are entitled to half the price of the license fee.

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
1525 Tulip Lane
Davis, CA
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1525 Tulip Lane
Davis, CA