Everything You Need to Know About Dog Care Technology

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As we come to rely more and more on our gadgets and devices, it only makes sense that we'd start using these new powers to stay more in-tune with our pooches. For people that work away from home, technology can allow you to check in with your furry pal and even take care of them remotely!

While we're all for these awesome products, remember that nothing replaces one-on-one time with your doggo (they crave both your face and your scent!). But for the times that you just can't be there, check out all of the amazing options you have for staying connected with your canine compadre below.

Cameras and Monitors

Are you one of the many pup owners who constantly wonders what your four-legged friend does at home alone? Wonder no more, because pet cameras and monitors are here! With these handy little lenses, you can livestream to your phone or computer to see what Fido is up to during the day. Many of them allow you to chat with your fur-baby and some even let you dispense a treat!

GPS Activity

Do you have a doggo that likes to roam? Track your pooch using GPS via a small SIM card inside of a special collar, now sold in many stores. Whenever you start to worry about where your pup has ventured, all you need to do is check their location using software that connects to the collar, giving you exact coordinates!

Electronic Doors

We know you're tired of constantly letting your woofer go outside, then come in again what seems like fifty times a day. Cue the electronic door for dogs, where only critters wearing a "smart key" can gain access to your abode. This doggy door allows your barky buddy to head out whenever they feel the need -- without assistance. You'll never hear them pawing at your doors again!
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Automatic Feeders and Waterers

Have you ever raced home feeling guilty because you weren't on time to feed your furry friend? Automatic feeders and waterers can ease your mind, as no matter what happens in your day, your canine companion will still have a full belly -- and plenty of hydration! These feeders are very handy for households with dogs that do not have any food aggression.