Everything You Need to Know About Dog Clothes

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There is no better way to express your personality than with clothing, and the same goes for pooches! A functional sweater, fashionable dress, or a simple bandana will often earn your pup lots of compliments and pets! Picking the right attire for your canine can pose quite a challenge, especially with the increase in puppy wear available in big box stores and the rise of pet boutiques that seem to be cropping up on every corner. We at Wag! encourage your pooch to dress to impress, and we have dedicated this article to finding the right duds to suit your pup's inner fashionista.


A fun ball cap or visor is a paw-fect accessory for the outdoorspup who spends a lot of time in full sun. A proper fitting hat will shield a dog's eyes and protect the skin of their face, which is much more sensitive since it usually has less fur than other body parts. Canines with cataracts can benefit from these as well since sunlight can worsen the condition. 

Calming Shirts

Compression vests, also known as calming shirts, can be a furrific tool for dogs that suffer from noise-induced or separation anxiety, especially during thunderstorms or holidays that often have a lot of fireworks. Calming shirts will fit tighter than a sweater, since their purpose is to apply pressure which calms the dog, much like a hug for humans. For best results, try these first when your pet is calm. 


We're sure you've seen the (hilarious) videos of dogs walking in booties for the first time. While these are very effective for preventing paw damage caused by extreme weather, they do take some getting used to. First, make sure you have booties with the proper fit, then start by putting them on just the front paws until your dog gets accustomed to them. Then, try all four.
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Have a dog that abhors pottying in the rain? A good-quality rain jacket may be just the solution. Jackets and coats provide the warmth of a sweater but are easier to get on and off ‚ÄĒ plus, most have the added benefit¬†of being waterproof. Many pups won't bat an eyelash at going out during an afternoon shower with a trendy new rain slicker on!¬†


Few things in life make a person feel more confident than a great fitting dress, and your dog is no exception! Dog dresses come in a huge variety of colors, styles, and sizes and are available for purchase at virtually any big box retailer. Not up to spending the money for a new dress? Hit up the children's section of your thrift shop or craft your own!


Sweaters are the number one mutts-have clothing piece that should be in every dog's closet. Small, elderly, and short-haired dogs have trouble regulating their body temperatures in the winter, which can cause discomfort, pain, and even pottying in the house. If you don't purchase any other clothing item, this is the one you should go with. Measure the dog's chest circumference and length for a proper fit.


Nothing spruces up an old outfit like some new accessories, and the same goes for pups! Owners can keep the accessories minimalistic with a couple of cute and simple charms for their collar or take their dog's look to the next level with fashion-forward jewelry pieces like strings of pearls and faux diamonds! Not much for necklaces? Make a statement with a practical pair of doggy shades.


The simple yet stylish bandana is a great option for pups who would rather go au naturale but still want to add a little flair to their look. These are inexpensive and can be purchased at any pet shop or made at home with spare fabric or old clothing and a sharp pair of fabric scissors. The great thing about a bandana is it is suitable for any weather!


Bows are an adorable yet simple fashion statement that can pair with any outfit, but finding a bow that won't irritate your dog or pull their hair can be a challenge. Look for bows with velcro, plush bands, or clips lined with felt or fabric. Don't limit yourself to the doggy section either; baby bows work just as well! If all else fails, make your own!