Everything You Need to Know About Dog Leashes

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When you walk into your local pet supply store, one of the first things you're likely to see is an entire wall of leashes: short leads, double leads, retractable leads with fancy locking mechanisms. The sheer abundance of these products can be overwhelming even to a dog trainer! Don't let marketing tactics and elaborate jargon lead you into making the wrong leash purchase. In this article, we'll cover the ins and outs of the most popular leash types to help you make an informed and confident purchase for your pooch when the time comes!

Double Dog Leash

Whether you are a professional dog walker or just the dog mom of multiples, a double dog leash may be just what you need. The double leash prevents the inevitable tangles that multiple leashes causes since it minimizes the space between the dogs. This is not a great choice for territorial or dog-aggressive pooches, so keep tandem walking for fur-iends only.

Adjustable Dog Leash

Adjustable dog leashes are exactly what they sound like: a typical dog leash that features removable pieces or clips to change the length of the lead. These are great for going from hiking trails to city walking since the additions can give the pup more freedom, and taking the slack away can keep them safe on the roadway or help keep them in line while training.

Hands Free

Joggers, dog walkers, parents of human children, and those who just need to free up both their hands during walks can all benefit from a hands-free leash. These products clip to your waist making the walker less likely to lose their balance should their pup see a squirrel and try to make a run for it. This type is best for well-trained or small to medium-size dogs. 

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Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable leashes are great for well-trained dogs who like some slack to sniff out their surroundings or prefer a little privacy while pottying. Trainers discourage the use of these with untrained pups since they can cause training setbacks as it teaches them to pull and go where they please. Many hiking trails prohibit this type of leash since they give the owners less control over their pets.

Leather Dog Leash

Leather leashes are great for pups who like to circle your legs during their walks because these are less likely to get tangled due to their stiff texture. These also provide a softer grip for owners than traditional nylon leashes and come in many colors as well. The downside to leather is it is more expensive than other materials since it is sourced from cowhide rather than plastic.

Reflective Dog Leash

Those who prefer to walk their dogs in the crisp air of the early morning or evening should invest in a sturdy reflective leash. Much like reflective tape on bicycles and clothing items, this material will catch the light from headlights or street lights and will allow traffic to see you and your pooch at night or in low light settings.