Top Dog Names of 2020

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Naming a furry bestie is something that most households look forward to quite eagerly. Some dog owners decide to name their pup after a theme like hunting, film, food or comedic dog names. That said, most dog owners simply want a tried and tested dog name. In 2020, this certainly seems to be the case. The dog naming trend for 2020s four-legged fur babies seems to tilt towards that popular names that have been used again and again.

Choosing a name for your pup that stands out or sounds unique is always pawsome, but a name should speak to your pup's personality and features. The pawfect dog name is one or two syllables long and is easily recognizable. Such names easily catch your dog’s attention, and they get your dog to be responsive. Avoiding names that are too long or that sound like commands is a no-no according to dog experts. Check out our list of these top dog names from 2020 to help you find a perfect match for your pup, or lead you in the right direction. 

#1 Bella

Bella is a name of Italian origin meaning beautiful. If you have a female pup that has a woofderful disposition and sweet manner, then this is the pawfect name for her.

#2 Max

Max is the pawfect name for a fun and happy male dog that knows no bounds. Think of his full name as Maximum Destruction or Maxamillion because he is more than worth it.

#3 Charlie

Charlie is a pawfect name for either a male or female dog. Short for Charlotte or Charles, this catchy name has French roots and is generally used for a pup with a kind and loyal personality.

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#4 Coco

Coco is another popular male or female dog name in 2018. The name has both French origins, meaning a pet, and Spanish, where it means help. 

#5 Poppy

A poppy is a flower that is used as a symbol of remembrance. If you have a person, pet or event, that you would like to commemorate, then this is a popular name to choose in 2018.

#6 Lucy

Lucy is a feminine name meaning daylight, born at dawn or having a light complexion. The name is fitting for a pup with bright colored fur or one that loves to start their day early.

#7 Beck

Beck is a mainly Scottish word meaning ready to obey a command. The name has become quite popular for dogs in 2018.

#8 Molly

Molly has been a stand-alone short form of the name Mary since the Middle Ages. In 2018, it is a popular name for a female pup. Mary is a Hebrew word meaning a wished-for child. 

#9 Bailey

Bailey is a word meaning city fortification. If you have a doggo that protects your family, then this is a popular name to choose in 2018.

#10 Budd

Budd is an old English name that was commonly used in the middle ages, but has suddenly regained popularity in 2018. The name was used to refer to plump or thickset individuals, and would be quite appropriate for pups with similar stature.

#11 Bear

For dogs that are large and powerful, there is probably no name more fitting than Bear. The name is certainly popular among dog owners in 2018.

#12 Duke

The name Duke has two meanings. First, it means nobility for males, and secondly, it means to fight it out. If you have a pooch with high pedigree or who loves to play tug of war, then this is a worthy name.

#13 Trucker

Trucker is another popular name in 2018, and a pawtacular name for a doggy that has traveled a lot or that never likes to remain still.

#14 Sadie

Sadie is short for Sarah, which means princess in Hebrew. If you love to spoil your pooch, then this is a worthy name for your furry friend. 

#15 Maggie

Maggie is a Greek name meaning Pearl, and certainly a top dog name for a precious pup in the year 2018.