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Published: 04/24/2024, edited: 04/24/2024

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Also known as English Mastiffs, Mastiffs are some of the largest dogs around and this presents numerous challenges when it comes to sharing a life together — it might not be feasible for parents to sleep in the same bed with their 170 lb pet, for example.

One area that requires special consideration is their diet. A Mastiff’s appetite is pretty humongous and prospective parents will have to get used to the idea of serving their dog huge portions of food. 

However, quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to dog food. Parents will need to check that their chosen recipe is suitable for large breeds (or large-breed puppies), as some products aren’t formulated to meet their specific nutritional needs.

As a muscular canine that has often been put to work over the course of history, Mastiffs need lots of protein to keep them in trim shape and their energy levels replenished. It’s also important to avoid obesity. Yes, this is true of every dog, but it’s especially pertinent when it comes to a breed prone to Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, joint conditions that are exacerbated by carrying too much weight. Be wary of portion sizes and avoid dog food with high levels of carbohydrates or filler ingredients.

Another reason to avoid too many carbohydrates is that Mastiffs are one of the breeds more likely to be affected by bloat (or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus). Although this sounds merely uncomfortable, it’s a potentially fatal condition in the canine world and should be avoided at all costs. Too many carbohydrates are thought to lead to excess gas production in the stomach, which can lead to worse symptoms.

With these factors in mind, we present our choice of the best dog food for English Mastiff dogs and other Mastiff relations.


Nom Nom

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Best fresh dog food for Mastiffs

Only launched in 2015, Nom Nom is one of a number of fresh dog food companies that have shaken up the industry. 

Rather than kibble or canned food, it makes meals out of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit, which are all steam-cooked rather than highly processed.

Why go to such effort? Well, Nom Nom and its team of veterinary nutritionists believe that its food is more digestible than traditional formulas and indeed, many parents see improved health and appearance in their dogs after switching to a fresh diet.

There are a few reasons why Nom Nom should be considered among the best dog food for Mastiffs. For starters, the company pre-portions the meal before sending them to your door, which takes some of the worry out of potentially overfeeding your pet.

There are also several recipes that use lean protein as the main ingredient, including turkey and chicken, which will make it easier to keep your Mastiff at a healthy weight. 

This is complemented by lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, which — as we’re sure your mother was always keen to remind you — are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Nom Nom Flavors

  • Beef Mash
  • Chicken Cuisine
  • Pork Potluck
  • Turkey Fare
Nom Nom Dog Food

Nom Nom Dog Food

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The recipes have been formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists
  • The subscription model is convenient and saves regular trips to the pet store
  • The meals are all made in the company’s own US-based kitchens
  • The portion sizes are designed around a dog’s specific dietary requirements

Considerations and Concerns

  • This premium formulation comes at an expense, especially for a dog that eats as much as a Mastiff
  • The food has to be stored in the freezer and the fridge when thawed, which might not suit everyone
  • The purported health benefits have been overblown according to some pet experts

What Pet Parents Say About Nom Nom

“Nom Nom has changed life for our dog and for us! Up until we started using Nom Nom, GI irritation [used to flare up every couple of months with] our bordoodle that landed us in night duty of letting him outside every 2 hours with liquid poops. 

He was so uncomfortable and we didn’t know what to do. A neighbor recommended Nom Nom as something that worked for their doodle, so we gave it a try. The volume of poops immediately decreased and the consistency of the poops dramatically improved as our sweet dog is now absorbing the food he needs to grow and be healthy. 

What a relief in more ways than one!! Thank you for this amazing food option for dogs!”

“Love the content of "real food". Love the individual packaging for easy peel. Love the dry ice packs that dissipate in the box so I don't need to worry about tossing or recycling it. 

Love the auto notification before every delivery. You guys did everything right, please keep up the good work!”

Read more reviews at Trustpilot.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright NomNomNow Inc.

Now Fresh Large Breed

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Best Dry Dog Food for Mastiffs

If you like the idea of fresh dog food but still appreciate the convenience of kibble, this option from Now Fresh might just appeal.

The ingredient list is heavy on top-quality meat, fish and vegetables, which have all been minimally processed to help preserve nutrients.

At the same time, the large-sized kibble can still be stored in the cupboard and eaten over a long period, just as with other dry dog food.

Parents should be pleased to see impressive levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, which come from both the meat and green mussels — these amino acids are great for joint health, especially crucial for dogs on the larger side.

All this and the nutritional stats (27% crude protein, for example) will keep pets prone to weight gain at a healthy number on the scales.

This is why we put Now Fresh right up there with the best dog food for Mastiffs.

Now Fresh dog food

Now Fresh dog food

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The premium ingredients and minimal processing are similar to those used in fresh dog food recipes
  • The high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin are excellent for joint health
  • The added probiotics should improve digestive function
  • The high calorie density means that dogs have to eat less of the food to get the required nutrients

Considerations and Concerns

  • The cost of $3.12 per pound at the time of writing is certainly costly
  • The food is suitable for adult canines, but not puppies or pregnant mothers
  • The dry formula heightens the risk of bloat, according to some pet experts

“Rated as one of the best grain-free large breed foods from Whole Dog Journal. Our Dane Mixes love the larger, grooved kibble pieces (helps slow down their eating), and we used to have to put a portion of canned food on top of their kibble but not with this food! [They] absolutely LOVE it, and I do too because I know they are getting the best a kibble can be.”

“I used this for my previous GSD. He always had good health, teeth, stools and coat. The ingredients are top notch…”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Petcurean.

Merrick Puppy Plate

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Best vet recommended food for Mastiff puppies

Feeding a large-breed puppy can be something of a challenge. Take a closer look at the small print on the back of dog food packaging and you’ll find that more than you think aren’t suitable for the growth of large-breed puppies.

Thankfully, that’s no such worry with Merrick Puppy Plate. As the name very much suggests, this wet recipe has been formulated with young pups in mind. 

Both of the recipes contain real meat as the first listed ingredient, along with a selection of sweet potatoes, carrots and apples. There’s also added DHA, which is vital for healthy cognitive development.

Best of all, it gets the nod from Dr Georgia Jeremiah, Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, pet nutrition expert and one of Wag!’s veterinary consultants.

“Merrick products are made with high-quality, whole food ingredients, and they use no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors,“ she says.

Merrick Puppy Plate Flavors

  • Beef
  • Chicken 
Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Dog Food

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The first listed ingredients are real meat and broth, which are nutritious sources of protein
  • The company’s products are recommended by Dr Georgia Jeremiah
  • The added DHA helps a puppy’s brain develop correctly
  • The recipe features no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Considerations and Concerns

  • The company has issued multiple product recalls in the past, with the last in 2018
  • The cheapest price we could find — around $3.50 per can — might be costly when it comes to Mastiff-sized portions
  • The fact there are only two flavors might be too few for parents of picky pups

What Pet Parents Say About Canidae All Life Stages

“Merrick’s right, “Not all pet foods are the same!” As soon as I put this in the bowl, Charley was eager to dig in! She seemed to love the chunks of meat and vegetables in gravy. 

I really appreciated that despite being a wet dog food, it didn’t destroy her sensitive belly! Yard cleanup was a breeze! Merrick definitely got this one right for Charley!”

“This wet dog food has real ingredients and the vitamins your dog needs. Also made in the US. I utilized (it) as a topper on my [dogs’] dry food. 

My dogs ate it up and the cat sampled some too. The only drawback for my dogs is that this is not a wet dog food with a [gravy-like] consistency.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Merrick Pet Care.

Jinx Salmon and Sweet Potato

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Best wet dog food for Mastiffs

There are some pet experts that recommend wet dog food over kibble when it comes to dogs at risk of bloat. This isn’t a completely failsafe method — a dog might still eat their wet food too fast, for example — but it might help in certain instances.

If you’re considering giving your Mastiff a wet diet, Jinx’s salmon and sweet potato recipe is a great option. The ingredient list is heavy on protein, with real meat or fish accompanied by broth and organs.

As well as that, there’s antioxidant-rich vegetables, like sweet potato and blueberries, plus no artificial ingredients.

All of the recipes are grain-free, which some dogs with grain intolerance might appreciate more. There’s also an absence of corn, wheat and soy, which are the sort of filler ingredients that can lead to canine obesity if eaten in large numbers.

Jinx Flavors

  • Beef and Sweet Potato
  • Chicken and Sweet Potato
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato
Jinx Dog Food

Jinx Dog Food

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The first-listed ingredients are all real meat or fish, rather than meals or byproducts
  • The wet formula might be more helpful in reducing the chance of bloat
  • The recipes also contain antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, and no artificial nasties
  • The grain-free formulation might be easier for certain dogs to tolerate

Considerations and Concerns

  • The three recipes all contain at least one poultry-derived ingredient, so they’re not suitable for dogs with allergies to chicken
  • The cost of around $3 a can might add up when feeding Mastiffs
  • The products are only suitable for adult dogs, so puppies and pregnant canines shouldn’t be served them

What Pet Parents Say About Jinx

“Bandit really enjoys this. I don't give him just plain wet food, so I can't attest to whether it would affect his stomach if I gave him a lot.

I usually just give him a little per meal along with his Jinx kibble and stretch it out. I like that there are not a bunch of fillers and it's just real food. I think it will help his health in the long run.”

“I think we just found our new favorite wet dog food. One of my dog's FAVORITE "treats" is canned dog food, and I sometimes feel a little guilty getting her the cheap stuff. THIS? Amazing. The ingredients are phenomenal. It SMELLS like human food, which really gives me peace of mind.

One of my favorite things to do with this product is put some in a KONG and freeze is obsessed and busy for a good 30 minutes. Best thing ever.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Jinx.

American Journey Large Breed

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Best budget dog food for Mastiffs

There’s no getting away from the fact that feeding a Mastiff is an expensive business. While they have larger appetites than your average canine, they also have specific nutritional requirements that cheap dog food won’t necessarily meet.

Will any of the best dog food for Mastiffs be kind on your wallet at the same time? Well, American Journey’s large-breed dry dog food is the best option we could find. 

There’s certainly no quibbling with the quality — not only is deboned chicken or salmon the first-listed ingredient, but the crude protein levels of 24% are more than decent and the addition of Omega fatty acids spells good news for skin and coat health.

At the same time, the price isn’t completely outrageous. While we were putting this list together, we found the chicken recipe at $1.30 per pound, which is much more manageable than others on our list.

This could be the best dog food for Mastiffs when it comes to budget-conscious parents or those with multiple Mastiffs in the household.

American Journey Large-Breed Flavors

  • Chicken
  • Salmon
American Journey Dog Food

American Journey Dog Food

Why Wag! Likes It

  • The price at the time of writing — as low as $1.90 per pound — is cheaper than all the others on our list
  • The first listed ingredient in both recipes is deboned chicken or fish
  • The absence of artificial flavors, ingredients and preservatives is reassuring
  • The calorie count per cup is modest enough to keep Mastiff’s weight at a healthy level

Considerations and Concerns

  • The pair of recipes contain poultry-derived ingredients, so there’s no options for dogs with poultry allergies
  • The dry formula might not be ideal for dogs with poor teeth or those in need of extra moisture
  • The food is only suitable for adult canines and can’t be fed to puppies or nursing mothers

What Pet Parents Say About American Journey

“I shop a lot for my dog food and I make comparisons on everything. My large breed dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he deserves, and needs the very best quality food that I can possibly provide. I’ve made comparisons between this food and more expensive items, and this food still comes out on top nutritionally. 

I’m always shopping when I see something new and American [Journey] still ends up winning over other foods…He gobbles it down and finishes up before anybody else. (I have 4 dogs, different sizes) As it turns out, I’m gonna end up having to get him one of those bowls that makes him slow down. My Bucky really enjoys this food.”

“We’ve been using American Journey for about two years with our pup. He came from a shelter, and was very picky with the food he ate. We tried three other brands (all get recommended) and he would not eat the food. We finally came across American Journey, and he loves it! Highly recommend.”

Read more reviews at Chewy.

Image sourced from Chewy. Copyright Chewy, Inc.


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