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Sure, it might have been a stereotype in cartoons for 100 years, but there is no denying that it’s true: Dogs. Love. Bones. The saying ‘Give a dog a bone’ is in our lexicon for a reason — there are few things pups love more than chewing on a big old bone.

There is a wealth of psychological and physical benefits to a dog gnawing on a bone: it helps to clean their teeth and freshen their breath; it distracts them and keeps them entertained; it stimulates saliva and digestive enzymes, helping with digestion; and, of course, it stops them chomping on your shoes and sneakers.

As you well know, being a responsible pet parent, dogs should only munch on big bones that are raw, ideally. Small bones — like chicken — have the horrible tendency to splinter and lodge in the pup’s stomach or throat; and cooked bones lack the nutrients of raw, and are also weakened by the cooking process anyway.

But what are the best bones for dogs to chew? In our guide, you’ll find five of the best bones for dogs on the market. If your pup’s a big chewer, you might also want to look up our reviews of the best chew toys for dogs.


Redbarn Large Cheese ‘n’ Bacon-Filled Bones

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Here’s a bit of a curveball for pet parents who know that their doggo has particularly refined tastes. Forget the basic bones with no side orders; here you can get natural bone and the bonus of a cheese and bacon-flavored filling.

It’s like your dog has turned up to a fancy dog restaurant and ordered the most decadent of treats. One of the best chew bones for dogs? They’re definitely among the tastiest.

If cheese and bacon dog bone isn’t to your liking, you can always plump for various other flavors like chicken, peanut butter, or peanut butter and jelly. 

Redbarn Cheese n' Bacon Dog Bones

Redbarn Cheese n' Bacon Dog Bones

Why Wag! loves Redbarn Large Cheese ‘n’ Bacon-Filled Bones

  • These bones are at the middle to low end of the price spectrum, making them a great option for pet parents for whom money is a little tighter
  • The bone is particularly hard to break — unsurprising when you learn that the femur is the strongest bone in the body — so it’s one of the best bones for dogs to chew

Considerations & concerns

  • While the bone itself is a femur, the filling contains a range of less natural ingredients. Like some dental chews, this product contain potassium sorbate, which can be damaging for white blood cells
  • There’s half the percentage of protein in this compared with a Jack and Pup Beef Shin Bone - worth thinking about if your pup is in particular need of protein
  • There’s no grain in the product, making it one of the best bones for dogs with particular sensitivities 

What pet parents say about Redbarn Large Cheese ‘n’ Bacon-Filled Bones

“The bacon and cheese flavored center kept my giant pup happy for more than 30 minutes of bliss, followed by days and weeks of happy gnawing on the bone, with no splinters. I've put this bone on autoship.”

“I buy these bones by the box because my 2 babies love them and after the filling is gone they still have the bone to bite.”

“My boy loves these bones. He is not a typical heavy chewer but gets weeks of enjoyment out of them. My other pitty who was an extreme chewer loved them as well! So I would say great for all!”

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K9 Connoisseur Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Bone

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You’re spoilt for choice with K9 Connoisseur’s various dog bone offerings, which include knee caps and knuckles. We’ve plumped for their quintessential product — one that’s both eye-catching and eye-watering. 

This is the one specifically designed for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs, so it’s certainly one of the best dog bones for large dogs.

Being a ‘meaty mammoth marrow-filled bone’, this is quite the adversary for any dog, even the huge ones. (If you have a small dog, here’s some great bone advice.) 

The natural ingredients in the beef — and in the marrow in particular — will contribute spectacularly to a well-rounded diet, topping it up with valuable nutrients.

Is this the best bone for dogs? It’s definitely a contender.
K9 Connoisseur Marrow-Filled Bone

K9 Connoisseur Marrow-Filled Bone

Why Wag! loves K9 Connoisseur Marrow-Filled Bone

  • The cattle used for the bone are grass-fed and raised in the US
  • As a single-ingredient dog bone it’s a wonderfully transparent product with no artificial additives

Considerations & concerns

  • Like all natural dog bones, this has a natural coating that can be a little messy
  • Some dogs — and some pet parents — may find that this ‘Goliath’ of a bone is just a little too big. On walks and in confined spaces it can prove cumbersome
  • You’re paying for quality, but the K9 Connoisseur range will be a little pricier than most

What pet parents say about K9 Connoisseur Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Bone

“So far I've made 2 purchases of the mammoth bone. The bone arrived very meaty looking and big enough for the largest dogs. Once all the good stuff is eaten off, the bone still provides a long lasting chew bone. Though I've seen small chunks chewed off from the knuckles that I'll remove for safety, the small chunks are not too hard to be chewed if your dog does try to eat one. 

One really good thing is I've never seen any splintering with these bones. Once the knuckles are gone I usually throw it out and buy a new one. They do last a good while and are worth the cost for the durability. As long as nothing changes from my experiences with my first two purchases, I would recommend these bones.”

“We have this on a two month subscription and the dog loves them... They last a long time and don't chip. Only recommendation is when you give them to your dog[,] have them eat them outside at first. The coating on the outside is a little messy.”

“I was hoping for something big when I ordered it, $22 for a bone? I better get my money[‘s] worth. Wow. Just wow. The thing is fat and massive. My husky terrier is so excited for it, I gave him something else, but I plan to give him it on his birthday. The thing is massive and awesome looking.”

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Product image sourced from Amazon.

Jack & Pup Beef Shin Bone

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Let’s make no bones about it: when the talk comes to good bones for dogs, Jack & Pup always crops up. Their beef shin bone product is exactly what you might expect: a natural beef shin bone, rich in essential nutrients like calcium and iron, and irresistible for those winter nights when your doggo wants to spread themselves on the floor and comfort themselves with a big old chew on a bone.

The one we’ve linked to above is 11 inches — your pup’s not finishing that any time soon. Indeed, this is certainly among the best dog bones for large dogs, without a shadow of a doubt.

Jack & Pup Beef Shin Bone

Jack & Pup Beef Shin Bone

Why Wag! loves Jack & Pup Beef Shin Bone

  • There’s no odor on this dog bone — always a plus if it’s going to be in the house for the decade your dog spends trying to devour it
  • At 35% protein, this is great for the development of your dog’s muscles 
  • As you’d hope, the cattle from which the shin is taken are free-range and grass-fed — contributing to the fantastic overall nutritional content of the bone

Considerations & concerns

  • As with most products, some pet parents complain that their pup has suffered diarrhea as a result of gnawing at this dog bone
  • As this is a natural product, it may be messier and oilier than factory-made chews and treats. Be careful, therefore, not to get too much of it on your furniture

What pet parents say about Jack and Pup Beef Shin Bone

“It took a while for our German Shepherd to start chewing on it. I think because it was the largest bone she's had and usually has a bully stick available. She wasn't sure about it at first but protected it as hers regardless! Once she started chewing, it's been a great distraction from her anxiety and it's long lasting which makes it much more affordable than most bully sticks. Definitely recommend, great buy.”

“I have a 70lb doodle who loves to spend an hour a day chewing on this bone. When she first gets it might be a 2 hour session. We only leave this outside because she does crunch it up eventually and [we] don’t want the mess in the house. If she gets the urge to chew on a bone she goes outside and this keeps her busy. This is by far her favorite and we have tried many many bones.”

“I purchased these for my Boxer/German Sheph[e]rd. She absolutely loves them. It has kept her busy for hours. Will buy again.”

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Product image sourced from Chewy.

Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

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Another natural dog bone, the Hollings Smoked Shank Bone differs from the other bones on this list in that it’s smoked. 

This will be great news to some pet parents’ ears — if their dog is keen on stronger flavors, this may just do the trick — but it will be less welcome for others, who may not be as keen on their bones being interfered with. 

This bone can be bought with a beef filling or with no filling at all; the listing above is for a filled bone. With 22% protein and 3% fat, it’s a fantastic nutritional asset to your dog, who — if the reviews are anything to go by — will be chomping on this shank until the cows come home.

We’re happy to recommend it as one of the best bones for dogs.

Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

Why Wag! loves Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

  • There are no artificial ingredients 
  • Because the shank is smaller than some of the dog bones on this list (you may find that it’s as big as you need), this product is the cheapest

Considerations & concerns

  • Being a smoked all-natural product, this can give off a particularly strong smell, which could be unpleasant to the noses of some pet parents
  • Some customers have reported that the bone cracks easily — potentially a by-product of the smoking process, which some may consider unnecessary

What pet parents say about Hollings Smoked Shank Bone

“My dog loved it and still chews at it even though he can’t get anything else from the middle. It’s a big size too. But I didn’t reali[z]e smoked flavor also comes with a really strong smoked smell! So now he has it outside!!!”

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“I prefer my dog (large breed) to only have unfilled bones which I find difficult to source. These bones are perfect, great value for money and long-lasting with no calorie-laden filling. They smell meaty and smoky and so he is not missing out on flavor. They last for absolutely ages and at this price, I buy 6 at a time so he has one to hand in the car for long journeys, in the caravan for our weekends away and at work when he comes with me. I highly recommend.”

“My dogs loved these. I brought them one each and expected them to be fairly small but they aren’t, so that was a lively bonus as it made them even better value. Would bu[y] again.”

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Product image sourced from Amazon.


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