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Written by Jasmine Sawatzky

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Published: 05/17/2023, edited: 03/04/2024

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A Pup Above is a top dog when it comes to quality and innovation in dog food, going above and beyond creating nutritious and balanced meals.

Using whole, human-grade ingredients, A Pup Above's recipes are carefully formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for dogs. They include a variety of wholesome ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and superfoods that contribute to the overall health and well-being of dogs. The meals are also grain-free, making them suitable for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities.

One of the unique aspects of A Pup Above dog food is its cooking process. Using a sous-vide technique, ingredients are slow-cooked inside a vacuum-sealed bag at a precise temperature. This method helps to preserve the flavor, nutrients, and natural juices of the ingredients, resulting in a more appetizing flavor and appearance. Your dog will be polishing their bowl clean every meal!

In fact, A Pup Above is even vet recommended! “A Pup Above offers human-grade dry and fresh food options that are cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. Their recipes are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and contain no GMO ingredients, antibiotics, or growth hormones found in many vegetable and meat products,” notes Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, member of Wag!’s licensed veterinary team.

Overall, A Pup Above dog food is a furific choice for pet parents who want to fuel their dogs with nutritious recipes made with high-quality ingredients. 

A Pup Above product ranges and flavors

Whether you prefer feeding your pup fresh food or dry, A Pup Above has some scrumptious options. They have four flavors of each type, using beef, pork, turkey, or chicken as the main protein sources.

A Pup Above Fresh Dog Food

A Pup Above Fresh Dog Food

A Pup Above fresh food

A Pup Above needs to remind pet parents that their fresh food is for dogs, not humans! It comes in frozen patties, which can be defrosted in the fridge or by adding some warm water. This wholesome dog food is made with bone broth for extra collagen and amino acids. It contains more protein than your average fresh dog food, at 10 grams of protein per 100 calories. All recipes start with whole meats, and add nutritious veggies like tomatoes, carrotssweet potatoesapples and green beans. Plus, with beneficial herbs like turmeric, thyme, and parsley, this food will have your pup feeling terrific. A Pup Above fresh food comes in these four flavors:

  • Texas Beef Stew
  • Porky’s Luau
  • Turkey Pawella
  • Chicka Chicka Bow Wow

A Pup Above Dry Dog Food

A Pup Above Dry Dog Food

A Pup Above dry food

A Pup Above dry dog food ain’t your ordinary kibble. Each bag is made up of crunchy whole food “cubies”. Using their “Nutridry” gentle cooking technique, it provides the flavor of fresh food and the convenience of dry. Grain-free and 100% human-grade, this is a top food for a top dog! Along with whole meats and eggs for mighty doses of protein, these recipes also feature yummy veggies, such as yellow peas, cauliflower, carrots, lentils, antioxidant-rich cranberries, and flaxseed and salmon oil for essential fatty acids. It comes in these four flavors:

  • Beef Pot Roast
  • Porky’s Porchetta
  • Turkey Pilaf
  • Chicka Pupatouille

Why Wag! likes A Pup Above

A Pup Above dog food has a lot of pros! For one thing, the company is transparent about its ingredients and sourcing practices. It prioritizes sustainability and ethical standards, so you can feel good knowing that your pup's meal is made with the best ingredients.

The brand also prioritizes real food and ensures that every ingredient it includes in its dog food is of the highest quality. Their meals are made with premium cuts of meat, such as beef, chicken, or turkey, which are sourced responsibly and free from antibiotics or hormones.

While A Pup Above cares about the doggos, it also cares about the planet as a whole. That’s why it uses 100% recyclable packaging, sources locally, and its fulfillment center uses 100% renewable energy.

Concerns & considerations

While a Pup Above is more affordable than other fresh dog food brands, it’s still more expensive than kibble. Budget is something that all pet parents need to consider before choosing a dog food. If A Pup Above is out of your price range, you can always consider adding it to your dog's regular kibble as a tasty topper! If you're looking for more budget-friendly options, check out our handy guide here. 

Some other fresh dog food brands offer more customizing options than A Pup Above, like being able to omit an ingredient or tailoring to your dog’s exact size or age. This company tries to keep things simple for pet parents while ordering, but it may leave you with fewer options.

Another consideration is that A Pup Above dog food doesn’t contain added probiotics. Probiotics are sometimes added to dog food because these beneficial bacteria can help regulate your dog’s digestive tract. You can always add a standalone probiotic supplement to your dog’s food, but it may be wise to consult with your vet first.

Finally, we would love to see the addition of a treat line from this brand! In the meantime, if you're looking for high-quality treats, check out our favorites here

What pet parents say about A Pup Above

“The quality of the food is above all others! My dogs devour the frozen patties in minutes. As a dog mom, I appreciate the cooking techniques, locally sourced ingredients, veterinary formulated recipes, and the ability to track all ingredients! What more could I ask for for my family members?”

“My Corgis are big fans of A Pup Above's gently cooked frozen food. I love that they are made with human grade ingredients and plenty of veggies. My pickiest eater of the three definitely loves this food and he gobbles it right down.”

“I am so impressed by A Pup Above’s formulas and science behind them! I can confidently feed my dog a balanced fresh, humans grade, food and it is able to be conveniently stored in my freezer! My poodle is EXTREMELY picky so finding a food he likes is like finding a needle in a hay stack. He is a task trained assistance dog so needs all the nutrients he can get to work hard daily!”

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A Pup Above brand history

A Pup Above is a relatively new player in the dog food industry, but its story is one of passion and innovation. Founded in 2018 in Austin, Texas, A Pup Above was born out of a desire to revolutionize the way we feed our four-legged friends.

The founders, Ruth and Javier, are devoted pet-parents to Lola. They were dissatisfied with the quality of dog food available on the market, and frustrated that it was almost impossible to know what was in her food or where it was coming from. They wanted to provide a healthier and tastier alternative that would truly nourish dogs and make mealtime a delightful experience. And thus, A Pup Above was born.

One of the key breakthroughs came with the introduction of the sous-vide cooking technique into the dog food industry. With each passing year, A Pup Above continues to grow and expand its offerings, introducing new recipes and flavors to cater to the diverse palates and dietary needs of dogs.

With their passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment, A Pup Above is poised to continue making tails wag and transforming the way we nourish our beloved pups.

A Pup Above recall history

A Pup Above's fresh and dry dog foods have never had any recalls, but we will update this page as needed should a recall arise! 

All product images sourced from the A Pup Above website. Copyright A Pup Above. 


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