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Best for picky eaters

Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 04/26/2024, edited: 04/26/2024

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My Perfect Pet makes fresh dog food that’s gently cooked then frozen. It touts its recipes as having the perfect taste, perfect nutrition, and perfect quality, hence the tagline, “Whole food nutrition never tasted so good.” My Perfect Pet also states its foods are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and picky palates, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and gentle cooking process. It’s a great option for pet parents who want to feed their furkids fresh food but don’t have time to cook. 

So, is My Perfect Pet the perfect food for your dog? Let’s take a look at its products, pros and cons, history, and more so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your pup!

My Perfect Pet product ranges and flavors

My Perfect Pet offers several standard and specialty diets for dogs. Let’s see what goes into them!

My Perfect Pet Dog Food

My Perfect Pet Dog Food

Complete & Balanced Diets

My Perfect Pet’s Complete & Balanced Diets offer complete nutrients and balanced ingredients to boost your pup’s health and longevity. All recipes list muscle meat such as beef round, chicken thigh, lamb shoulder, or pork loin as the first ingredient. They also contain fresh produce like yam, potato, green beans, spinachcranberries, zucchini, and broccoli, and other healthy ingredients such as brown rice and organ meats. 

Because every ingredient contributes to the food’s nutrient profile, only a few supplements are added and fillers are never used. Each recipe is made not only to be easily digestible for sensitive stomachs, but also to address specific needs. For example, Knight's Blend is ideal for dogs who need to trim down, while Buckaroo Puppy Blend is especially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of moms and puppies.

Complete & Balanced Diets are available in the following flavors:

  • Knight’s Beef Blend
  • Buckaroo Chicken & Beef Puppy Blend 
  • Roxy’s Lamb & Beef Blend
  • Snuggles Chicken & Rice Blend
  • Boomer's Chicken & Beef Blend
  • Hunter’s Turkey & Wild Salmon Blend
  • Sweetheart's Pork Blend
  • Farrah’s Wild Caught Fish Blend

My Perfect Pet Glycemic Friendly Dog Food

My Perfect Pet Glycemic Friendly Dog Food

Personal Care / Low Glycemic Blends

Personal Care Blends, also labeled as Low Glycemic Blends in some states, are made for dogs who need a diet that’s lower in carbohydrates and glycemic load. The recipes in this line contain only 1.1% to 6.4% carbohydrates and a calculated glycemic load of 0.52 to 0.77 per ounce, so they’re often recommended by veterinarians for dogs with diabetes, cancer, or weight loss.

Personal Care Blends feature lean meats such as turkey thigh, chicken breast and thigh, and beef round as the first ingredient and include nutritious vegetables such as sweet potato, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, spinach, and celery. While they’re designed for pups with certain conditions, they can also be enjoyed by healthy adult dogs since they’re complete and balanced.

Personal Care / Low Glycemic Blends are available in the following flavors:

  • Tino’s Glycemic Friendly Turkey Blend
  • Charlie’s Glycemic Friendly Chicken Blend
  • Buddy’s Glycemic Friendly Beef Blend

My Perfect Pet Low Phosphorus Dog Food

My Perfect Pet Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Solution-Based Diets

Certain health conditions can benefit from lower levels of specific nutrients. My Perfect Pet’s Solution-Based Diets are formulated for dogs who need a diet lower in phosphorus, copper, or fat. Despite being restricted diets, these recipes are still tasty enough to entice picky eaters. They’re made with quality animal-based proteins like lamb shoulder, pork loin, and cod which provide energy and help maintain muscle mass, as well as ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3s like yam, potato, sweet potato, green beans, carrot, cranberries, broccoli, salmon, and fish oil

It should be noted that Solution-Based Diets do not meet the AAFCO minimum requirements for certain nutrients and should only be fed under the recommendation of a veterinarian.

Solution-Based Diets are available in the following flavors:

  • Low Phosphorus Lamb Blend
  • Low Phosphorus Pork Blend
  • Hepatic Friendly Fish Blend
  • Low Fat Cod Blend

Why Wag! likes My Perfect Pet

Here are some of the things that make My Perfect Pet a top-rated dog food!

Uses whole food ingredients

My Perfect Pet only uses the highest quality, human-grade, whole food ingredients, which are more easily digested and are naturally rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants that promote health and longevity. Additionally, with fresh whole food more of the nutrients are absorbed by the body, so there’s less waste to clean up.

Gently baked and finely ground

Boneless, skinless muscle meats are gently baked to the minimum temperatures recommended by the FDA for food safety, and fresh raw vegetables are finely ground before being blended with the meat. The result is a food that’s nutritious, flavorful, and easy to digest, making My Perfect Pet ideal for picky eaters and sensitive stomachs. 

Made in a licensed facility

My Perfect Pet is made in the company’s own facility, which is licensed for human food manufacturing and therefore adheres to human food standards. My Perfect Pet has never used a co-packer and even mixes its own supplements in-house. Because the company does its own manufacturing, it has complete quality control over every step of every operation. 


With My Perfect Pet, you can feed your dog fresh food without having to cook or go grocery shopping. Not only is the food delivered to your doorstep based on the delivery schedule you choose, but it’s also already portioned into individually wrapped bars, making feeding easy and convenient.

Environmentally conscious 

My Perfect Pet is committed to protecting the environment. Its bulk retail cartons, bar bags, and shipping cartons including insulated coolers are recyclable. When sourcing ingredients, the company ensures crops are grown in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and that animals are raised with humane treatment. 

Concerns & considerations

Here are a few things to consider before buying My Perfect Pet. 

Can take up a lot of freezer space

Because My Perfect Pet is a fresh food, it needs to be kept in the freezer until it’s ready to be thawed and served. Each order includes 42 bars of food; depending on how much your dog eats, an order can last from over a week to over a month.  


Since My Perfect Pet is made with human-grade, whole food ingredients, it’s not surprising that it’s on the pricey side. Snuggles Chicken & Rice Blend, the least expensive option of the Complete & Balanced Diets, costs $167.94 per order of 42 bars, which works out to $4 per bar. According to the company’s feeding instructions, if your dog weighs 30 pounds they’ll need 1.5 bars per day, which works out to $6 per day or $180 per month.

Limited options for puppies and seniors 

My Perfect Pet has one blend for puppies and none specifically formulated for older dogs

What pet parents say about My Perfect Pet

“A friend of a friend recommended My Perfect Pet Food and it was an immediate success. My little guy will actually come running from another room when I take it out of the refrigerator. No more standing over him feeding him tablespoon by tablespoon to see how much he will eat, no more throwing out food because he simply refuses it. Just eating and licking the bowl for every last molecule of this good stuff.”

“I have a 2 year old dachshund ‘Pumpkin’ and she is the love of my life. I have been feeding her the My Perfect Pet food now for about 6 months and she loves it. Her fur is softer and shiny, and I believe she is healthier now that she’s on a better food. I get many compliments from people when they pet her saying how great she feels.”

“Within days of switching to My Perfect Pet I could see a difference in every dog. Their ‘waste’ was consistent and much smaller. Their energy levels were more active. Within a few weeks I could see a dramatic difference in their tear stains and the quality of their coats. The transformation has been amazing. No more kibbles for my pack and no more cooking and packaging my own homemade dog food concoctions. I’m leaving that to the pros at My Perfect Pet.”

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My Perfect Pet brand history

My Perfect Pet was founded by Karen Neola following the loss of her beloved dog Hunter. In late 2006, Hunter suddenly became ill, and within weeks of his passing, the largest pet food recall in US history was announced. After discovering that Hunter’s death was caused by commercial pet food, Karen began making her own, spending countless hours on research and development and working with animal nutritionists and veterinarians to create a “perfect” food for her own pets.

Soon, Karen was also making food for friends, family, and neighbors, and as operations outgrew her kitchen, she decided to turn her passion into a business. In 2007, My Perfect Pet became the first company to launch commercially available cooked frozen pet food. The company quickly outgrew its first commercial kitchen and expanded a couple of times before moving into its own 20,000-square-foot facility in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Every batch of My Perfect Pet is dedicated to Hunter and the thousands of animals and families affected by poor quality food.

My Perfect Pet recall history

As of this writing, My Perfect Pet has never been recalled.

Product images sourced from My Perfect Pet website. Copyright My Perfect Pet, Inc.


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