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Can Dogs Eat Celery?


By Jasmine Sawatzky

Published: 11/30/2022, edited: 11/30/2022

Reviewed by a licensed veterinary professional: Dr. Linda Simon, MVB MRCVS

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Celery is a low-calorie snack with a satisfying crunch. It has a ton of nutrients, especially considering it's 95% water. Next time you’re chopping up some celery to put in your stew or to snack on with some humus, you might be tempted to share some with your health-conscious canine. 

So, can dogs eat celery? Yes! Celery is non-toxic for dogs and may offer them some pawsome benefits if it’s only fed as an occasional treat. Celery is among the vegetables recommended to replace high-calorie, overly processed dog treats. Let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits of celery for your doggo. 

Do dogs like celery?

Every pup is unique, and it’s hard to say if they will like celery until they try it. Fur-tunately, dogs are expressive, and it’s not too difficult to tell when your dog likes or doesn’t like something. Some dogs love the crunch, will inhale a chunk of celery, and then beg for more. Other dogs would rather play with it until they get bored, or ignore it completely. You may be received with a look of disappointment when your dogster realizes they did a trick for celery and not a dog biscuit. Celery is not essential for a healthy, balanced diet for dogs, however, so if they aren't keen on the veggie, you shouldn't make them eat it. 

Although it’s debated by many, dogs are often considered to be scavenger carnivores, or omnivores. This means that although they mostly eat meat, they will eat grains and vegetables when they’re hungry. Their wolf ancestors have been known to munch on grass and berries, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that your dog enjoys celery. 

Cut celery on a cutting board - can dogs eat celery

Health benefits of celery for dogs

It’s well-known that celery has a ton of health benefits for humans, but what about our four-legged friends? Celery benefits them much in the same way it benefits us. Three of the main ways it can give a helping paw are with weight loss, dental hygiene, and adding nutrients to your pup’s diet. 

Helps manage weight

Celery is a low-calorie food that contains no fats or cholesterol. It’s also high in fiber, which will keep your pal feeling full longer and help keep their digestive system running smoothly. A whopping 56% of dogs in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Obesity is linked to many health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Swapping out some dog biscuits for celery can help your pup shed a little weight. 

Freshens your pup’s breath

If your dog’s breath is getting a bit funky, celery could help them with their dental hygiene. The crunchy texture and high water content can help stimulate the production of saliva and cleanse their mouths of bacteria and plaque. While celery won’t replace brushing your dog’s teeth, it could help freshen their breath a little! 

Provides plenty of healthy nutrients 

Celery is an excellent source of powerful vitamins A, C, and K. It’s also high in folate, potassium, and manganese. These vitamins help your dog's health in a ton of ways. For example, vitamin A supports bone growth and healthy vision. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that gives your dog’s immune system a boost and combats damaging free radicals. And vitamin K helps to promote blood clotting and coagulation.

How much celery can I give my dog?

Whenever you try feeding your dog something new, it’s best to start small, and even consult your vet first if your dog has a very sensitive stomach or underling gastrointestinal disorder. Try feeding your dog one little piece of celery to start, and wait 24 hours to see if there are any adverse reactions. Although it’s rare, your dog could have an allergy to celery. 

Celery should only be fed as an occasional treat. Because of the high amount of fiber, too much could cause your dog to have an upset stomach or diarrhea. There is also a high amount of sodium in celery for a vegetable, at 35 mg per stalk. If your pup eats a large amount, this could put stress on their kidneys. 

For a small dog, you could give them up to ¼ cup of chopped celery once per week. The bigger guys could handle up to ½ cup of chopped celery per week. 

Dogs can eat celery cooked or raw. Celery is on the dirty dozen list for produce with the most pesticides, so it’s best to buy organic or wash it well. Always chop the celery up into bite-sized pieces so that it’s not a choking hazard. You can boil it or steam it if you like, but be sure to skip the seasonings. Certain seasonings can be harmful to your pet. For an extra special treat, you can put a little peanut butter on it!

cut celery stalks filled with peanut butter

Can I give my dog celery with peanut butter?

Often seen in school lunches, celery stalks filled with peanut butter is a favorite for many people. And best of all, most dogs can eat peanut butter! So long as your dog is not allergic to peanuts, you can share a celery with peanut butter treat with your pooch, but do keep a few things in mind. This nutty, salty and sweet snack can be high in sugar, salt and fats, so always practice moderation. A short celery stalk smeared with a tablespoon of peanut butter for medium to large dogs is furbulous, but for small dogs, reduce that to a teaspoon or two per serving. And be sure to only use peanut butter without xylitol, a toxic ingredient added to many kinds of peanut butter.

What about ants on a log? Unfurtantely, raisins are highly toxic to dogs, and even a small amount can result in kidney failure and death. Raisin poisoning requires immediate emergency veterinary care, so be sure to keep these sweet treats, and the grapes they started as, out of reach of your pup. 

Can dogs drink celery juice?

Juicing is a popular way humans get their veggies in for the day. Can celery juice benefit our furry pals too? Dogs can drink celery juice in small amounts, but keep in mind that juices are usually very concentrated. There are no guidelines for how much celery juice you can feed your dog, but it's important to quantify their serving size by how much celery you've used, not by how much liquid they're drinking. Start with no more than 1/4 cup of raw chopped celery juiced and see how that sits with them. 

Can dogs eat celery seeds?

Used in eastern medicine for thousands of years, celery seed can benefit dogs in many ways. They may help ease arthritis, and lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Celery seeds are also high in antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. As with any herbal supplement, it's essential to consult your vet first. There's a chance that celery seeds could conflict with your dog's medications. Once your vet gives you the go-ahead, you could buy a formulated supplement or simply sprinkle some seeds over your dog's food. 

Overall, celery is a nutritious snack that can replace high-calorie dog biscuits and help with weight loss. Be sure to only feed it as an occasional treat, and it can be a pawsome addition to your pup’s balanced diet. 

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