Everything You Need to Know About Dog Dental Care

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Did you know that your four-legged friend is the proud owner of 42 beautiful chompers? That is — if their mouths are healthy and they haven't lost any to rot! Our furry pals use their mouths like an extra hand, picking up, pulling, and holding onto things all in addition to regular chewing. Because our woofers use their teeth for so much, it's very important to keep their dental health in check. All sorts of different products are offered to help owners keep their pups' pearly whites, well, white and pearly, so how do you know which one is right for your doggo? Take a look as we dissect all of the different tools you can use to keep your pooch's teeth healthy!

Dental Chews

Part treat, part toothbrush, dental chews add fun to teeth cleaning. These treats are designed to be extra difficult to pull apart, making your fur-baby gnaw away for minutes on end. This gnawing scrapes away unwanted plaque and bacteria, leaving your pup's breath smelling fresh and their teeth looking whiter. Dental chews are available at most pet supply shops and come in a variety of flavors.

Dental Treats

Dental treats include chews, supplements for healthy teeth, and breath fresheners. These treats can be used alone, or you can combine them for maximum teeth-cleaning power! Breath freshening treats make for a quick way to combat doggy breath and come in interesting flavors like apple or parsley. Chews help remove plaque and bacteria, while supplements help strengthen teeth from within.


Canine toothpaste is totally real, and you should probably go out and grab some. Regularly brushing your dog's teeth is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay. Toothpaste made especially for pooches is free of many of the chemicals found in human products, meaning it is safe for your dog to swallow (because how on earth could you stop them from trying!).
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Vitamins and Supplements

For the strongest teeth, what is inside your pupper may matter more than what is on them. Fighting tooth decay from within is an excellent way to keep your canine healthy and happy. Lucky for you, many companies sell vitamins and supplements in the form of tasty dog treats, so it's easy to get your woofer the nutrients they need for excellent chompers.

Breath Fresheners

Company is coming over and you're pretty sure your dog just ate fishskin from the garbage — what do you do? It's simple — toss them a breath freshener treat and welcome the guests! While not a permanent solution to dental issues, breath fresheners can make living with your pooch — and getting wet, sloppy kisses — a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone in your family.


For the cleanest mouth on the block, invest in a toothbrush for your pooch! All different kinds of brushes are available, including long-armed brushes or small ones you can wear on your finger. To be the most successful at brushing, try and start when your furry pal is young and associate the act with lots of praise. Keep sessions short and use a tasty toothpaste made for dogs!