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Can Dogs Feel Neglected?



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Can Dogs Feel Neglected?


We all have those days where we feel so incredibly busy, running around trying to finish a to-do list that never ends. You might wonder to yourself on these days, can my loving pup feel neglected? The answer is YES, he can. Our doggos need a lot of attention, love, and exercise in their daily routine. If they aren't getting that, they will surely feel a bit neglected. The good news is, there are some tell-tale signs to know if your pup feels this way.

Scroll down to learn about these signs and how to make sure your fur child is getting the care he needs and deserves. 


Signs Your Dog Feels Neglected

So how do we know if our fur baby is feeling like they're not getting enough love? There are some tell-tale signs. Dogs often engage in destructive behavior when feeling neglected, like excessive digging, chewing and scratching. Another way they might express their feelings of frustration are through barking and howling fits, particularly at night. 

Have you ever come home and there's garbage strewn across the kitchen floor, and it's clear that someone got into some mischief while you were away? Well, this is a way of your fur child telling you that they feel a little pushed to the side and restless. Other signs include whining, play biting, roughhousing, appearing lethargic, or appearing hyperactive. 

If your pup exhibits any of these signs, take them on a nice long walk! Also, take note that you might need to give them more exercise and attention than you have been giving them. 

Body Language

If your dog is feeling neglected, watch for:

  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Chewing
  • Averting Eyes

Other Signs

More signs that your dog feels neglected include:

  • Garbage-Raiding
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Rough-Housing
  • Appearing Very Tired Or Very Hyperactive


The Science of Dogs Feeling Neglected


Exercise is a crucial part of taking proper care of your pup. Exercise not only tones major muscle groups and keeps your fur child’s body healthy, but it also keeps their mind energized and fit.  

Although every dog needs daily exercise, the amount they need depends on the breed, size, and age of your doggo. For example, low-energy dogs such as American Bulldogs only need a casual walk around the neighborhood each day to fill their exercise quota. Active pups like Siberian Huskies need 2-3 30 minute walks a day to keep them stimulated. 

Follow the cue from your pup as well. If they are well-rested and happy with your current regimen, then stick with it! Otherwise, research your doggo’s specific needs to learn exactly how much exercise they need per day to stay happy and healthy. 

Helping Your Dog to Not Feel Neglected


If your dog has been exhibiting some of the behavior that was highlighted above, take heart! There are lots of things you can do to make them feel happy and loved again - and to stop destroying your house while they are at it!

First, make sure you are devoting time to your pooch each and every day. Take them on walks, engage them in games outside, or even go through small training sessions. These are all ways to bond with your dog, helping them to feel secure in the pack.

You also should put some thought into how much time you are spending away from your dog. Dogs are social creatures and they really do not do well spending hours alone each and every day. If you work full time and do not have family or friends close by, it may be time to invest in a dog walker. This can help ease your pooch by decreasing the time they spend without human contact. 

Finally, go through your home and see what you could be doing to save your stuff! This means putting away all valuables that you do not want to become targets, storing food safely and correctly, and removing temptations like stinky garbage. You may also choose to employ a crate so that your dog has a safe space to be when you can not supervise.

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By Kelsey Bullis

Published: 04/06/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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