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Can Dogs Taste Blackberries?



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Can Dogs Taste Blackberries?


With summer right around the corner, blackberries are in season, sweet, juicy, and delicious. They can be included in sweet and savory dishes and are extremely versatile. Blackberries are also very nutrient dense and are packed with vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants. Since blackberries are so good for us, are they just as good for dogs? Can your dogs safely eat blackberries without worry about toxicity?

In short, blackberries are perfectly safe for dogs to eat and are a great addition to your dog's diet. They are easy to give to your dog as a snack or chuck into their meals every day. 


Signs of a Dog Liking Blackberries

Blackberries have a wide variety of health benefits that are great for your dog's overall health and well-being. Many dogs may not enjoy the taste and the texture of a whole and raw blackberry, so it will either be a hit or miss whether they will enjoy the fruit on its own or if you will need to alter its raw state in some capacity. 

If you are looking to include blackberries in your pooch's diet, the best way to do this is by mixing the berries into their regular dog food or cutting/mushing the berries with a fork before you mix it into their food bowl. This will help camouflage the flavor and the texture of the blackberries so your dog is more likely to enjoy the fruit.

However, some dogs may love to eat whole blackberries as a plain snack, and that is great! If your dog does enjoy these powerhouse blackberries they will let you know with some positive body language signs. They will generally eat the fruit without hesitation, wag their tails, pace around the kitchen or in front of you, have their ears raised, bark or whine for more, stare at you, and of course, drool quite a lot. 

Body Language

These are some signs you may notice if your dog likes blackberries:

  • Staring
  • Barking
  • Wag Tail
  • Pacing
  • Lip Licking
  • Drooling
  • Tail Up
  • Paw Raised

Other Signs

Here are some other signs you may notice if your dog likes blackberries:

  • Spinning In Circles With Excitement
  • Pawing At You
  • Begging At You For More

History of Blackberries and Dogs


Blackberries have a rich history, particularly in natural medicine and healing in the ancient times. Many centuries ago, blackberries were a wild plant that grew in different regions. The Ancient Greeks used blackberries as a natural remedy for Gout and the Romans used blackberry leaves to brew a tea that helped ward off a variety of different illnesses and diseases.

We first began to see blackberries growing in the Americas around 1880. At this time it was not called a blackberry, but a Loganberry, and was similar but not exactly the same as the modern blackberries we know and love today. 

As time went on, different types and species of blackberries were developed by American botanists until the modern variety of blackberry was developed. Today, blackberries are found in almost all supermarkets and are a popular and healthy snack for both humans and animals. Blackberries are still known to help fight off different types of cancer, are full of vitamins, and have high levels of antioxidants that are essential for healthy living. 

Many dog owners claim their dogs love blackberries and will eat them plain as a healthy snack. One blackberry grower states his dog loves blackberries so much, he often finds the dog out in the fields eating the fallen blackberries! 

Benefits Of Blackberries for Dogs


Blackberries are a great fruit choice for dogs because they are high in fiber, loaded with antioxidants, but have a relatively low amount of sugar, making them one of the best fruit choices for both dogs and humans alike. Antioxidants help your dog release free radicals from their body, fiber will help with their digestion and keep their stools firm and regular, and low sugar won't overload your dog's system with glucose. 

Blackberries also have tons of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin E, which all help your dog's bodily system run the best they can be! And lastly, blackberry have omega 3s, which will help keep your dog's skin, fur, eyes, and teeth healthy and strong. 

How to Feed Your Dog Blackberries


Just like with all other food, blackberries should be given to your dog in moderation. If they eat too much in a single day they can experience vomiting, diarrhea, or an upset and bloated stomach. Therefore, limiting your dog's intake of blackberries in a day is important. 

Typically, you should give your dog a small handful of blackberries and let them eat the berries at their own pace. Some dogs will love to eat whole and raw blackberries as a snack or even mixed into their food bowl during meal times. If your dog does not like to eat blackberries in the whole form, you can try to mash the berries up and mix it into their meal instead. 

Another great way to get your dog to eat blackberries so they can reap the health benefits is to mix the mashed berries with some plain yogurt. You can then freeze this mixture in a Kong toy or just plop some spoonfuls onto wax paper and pop them into the freezer. Once fully frozen, you can give them to your dog as a cool and frozen treat. They will likely take their time eating this as well, so it will keep them happy and occupied for a good, long while. 

If you are really looking to switch things up, bake some fresh blackberries into a delicious, homemade dog treat. You can take some flax meal, water, almond flour, an egg, and some fresh blackberries put into a bowl, and mix everything until combined. Roll out the dough and cut with a fun cookie cutter shape or just use a knife to cut out rectangles. Then, just throw them into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and let them cool completely. Store in the fridge in an airtight container for a few weeks. 

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Safety Tips for Feeding Your Dog Blackberries

  1. Start with a small number of berries so you can monitor the effects.
  2. If your dog has an adverse reaction to blackberries, stop feeding them immediately.
  3. Do not overfeed blackberries to your dog to avoid stomach upset.

Written by a Samoyed lover Kayla Costanzo

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Published: 04/20/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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