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What are Natural Giardiasis Remedies?

One of the most common health problems that virtually all animals will suffer from at some point in their lives is a parasite infestation. Dogs are no different, with many ending up in a vet's clinic requiring treatment for worms. Another parasitic condition that is commonly found in dogs is giardiasis, whose presence in the animal's digestive system can provoke some quite unpleasant symptoms. In most cases, a vet will resolve a parasite infestation with strong drugs that will kill the creatures living within the dog, but this may be troublesome for some owners. Instead, they may prefer to give their dog a natural alternative to pharmaceutical products, either as a lifestyle choice or as a means of avoiding unwanted side effects. These natural remedies will typically be plants known to have anti-parasitic properties (such as black walnut) or concentrated capsules (like grapefruit seed extract).

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Natural Giardiasis Remedies Procedure in Dogs

Fortunately, natural remedies can often be administered in the form of a simple daily food supplement, making them much easier to get the dog to take than liquid medicines. This also means that the owner can perform the treatment themselves at home without requiring veterinary assistance beyond the diagnostic stage. Although some dogs will happily eat the supplements if instructed, others may outright refuse to eat unfamiliar ingredients. Black walnut's distinctive taste can be nullified somewhat by crushing the plant into wet food before the dog eats, whilst capsules of the type that contain grapefruit seed extract can be hidden inside small pieces of meat. Although the feeding itself will not be particularly time-intensive, owners will have to maintain the treatment for a few weeks in order to destroy all of the parasites.


Efficacy of Natural Giardiasis Remedies in Dogs

If the dog is regularly given the correct supplements, the giardia should all be killed within the space of a few weeks. However, these natural remedies may prove to be less effective than conventional medicines. Alternatives to the natural remedies are over-the-counter anti-parasite drugs such as 'Metronidazole' or 'Fenbendazole', which will typically come in the form of a pill. However, this has been known to cause damage to the liver as well as a fever, making it hard to treat an animal that has already suffered damage due to the actual parasites.

Natural Giardiasis Remedies Recovery in Dogs

Following treatment, the dog may need a couple of weeks of reduced physical activity to regain its strength, especially if the parasites caused noticeable weight loss. Owners should also provide the animal with a probiotic to help restore the balance of the microbes in the dog's intestines, thereby preventing hostile bacteria from gaining a foothold within the body and causing further problems. It may be advisable to schedule a follow-up appointment with the vet so that they can make sure that the microorganisms have been entirely destroyed, lest the infestation re-occur.

Cost of Natural Giardiasis Remedies in Dogs

Natural treatment methods for giardiasis are usually quite inexpensive, with most health food stores having the black walnut or a bottle of grapefruit seed extract available for just a few dollars. Medicines such as Metronidazole, meanwhile, will usually cost several hundred dollars for a full course of tablets. However, owners should keep in mind that this higher price is justified, as the man-made drugs will typically start to have an effect on the dog in a much shorter space of time than the natural options.

Dog Natural Giardiasis Remedies Considerations

As the natural remedy for resolving a case of giardiasis can be quite slow-acting when compared to the pharmaceutical alternatives available, some owners may be concerned about the potential damage that a severe infestation of the organisms could do to the dog. In such cases, it may be wiser to allow the vet to use man-made drugs, before significant damage to the intestinal lining and walls can occur. That said, intestinal damage will result in a visible quantity of fresh blood appearing in the diarrhea, giving owners plenty of notice to fix a severe problem.

Natural Giardiasis Remedies Prevention in Dogs

The primary method of transmission for giardia is the ingestion of cysts excreted by infected animals. This usually occurs as a result of the dog licking or eating the feces of another animal as it wanders around outside. The main reason that dogs will engage in this type of behavior is a dietary deficiency (usually a lack of vitamins), causing the dog to seek out those nutrients in the feces of another animal. By making sure that their dog has a well-balanced diet, owners can often eliminate such behavior. Additionally, making sure that other household pets are kept parasite-free will reduce the risk of the dog (or even humans) picking up giardia.

Natural Giardiasis Remedies Questions and Advice from Veterinary Professionals

7 Months
Moderate condition
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Moderate condition

Has Symptoms


whats the best type of food to give to my 7 month old puppy with Giardiasis? shes already been on one round of worm meds with me since i rescued her 2 months ago and one set of worm meds w/the foster mom- im soo worried

Dr. Michele King, DVM
Dr. Michele King, DVM
1213 Recommendations
There are several prescription GI diets available that can help the intestines recover from intestinal parasites. Your veterinarian will carry a brand that they trust, and can give you a prescription for that food. You don't want Leia on it forever, but it is a nice food until she is back to normal. I hope that everything goes well for her.

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William & Diesel
Dorkie & Multi Terrier
2.9 & 7.9
Fair condition
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Fair condition

Has Symptoms


Medication Used


I have been reviewing websites for hours now, and the only thing I have come up with is “nobody either has an answer” nor can anyone agree...

My two canine fur babies have just been diagnosed with Giardia via their stool sample. I was judged and had received the “fear of God” by the vet that did the tests, then she said I would not treat it...

I disagree with the diagnosis as, again by what I have read, it is impossible for them to have it.

They both eat every fruit and vege on the planet as I am an ovo/lacto vegetarian. They only get baby carrots when we come back in from potty walks, they get a salad on top of their grain free kibble. They get omelets every morning.

They are not around any other animals but they do walk where deer and other animals have been.

We all sleep in the same bed, they are both lap dogs that are always being touched, rubbed or loved.

Neither has a single symptom. None. We were playing when the vet called to scare the hell out of me.

So my question is this... On the off chance they do have this, which would mean I would have it no matter how many times I wash my hands, what can I give them to rectify this issue naturally?


PS Had to pick “Fair” or I could not move further

Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
Dr. Callum Turner, DVM
2687 Recommendations
Many dogs with Giardia do not show any symptoms or the symptoms are vague intermittent diarrhoea or a decrease in appetite; most of the time Giardia is diagnosed when a dog has a faecal test done and the oocysts are detected that way. Giardia is difficult to treat with no approved method of treatment in the USA, but fenbendazole is used and approved in other parts of the world (like in Europe). Natural remedies will not be effective as fenbendazole, but there are some different treatments like grapefruit seed extract or black walnut extract; however, I don’t have any reliable evidence to make a supportive recommendation for anything apart from fenbendazole. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

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