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Published: 10/06/2020Updated: 08/30/2021
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Nordic Naturals Omega-3 is a line of canine supplements that contain DHA and EPA, essential fatty acids that are important for brain, joint, and heart health. Besides the significant internal benefits, omega-3s also add shine to the coat and promote healthy skin, particularly in dogs with skin allergies. Research indicates that low omega-3 levels may impair eyesight and interfere with neurological development in young dogs.

Nordic Naturals extracts the DHA and EPA for their pet products from ocean-caught and sustainably-sourced fish, with no artificial additives. All supplements in Nordic Naturals pet line are non-GMO and only contain natural preservatives like vitamin E.

Nordic Naturals converts all omega-3 fatty acids in their formulas to their most bioactive form (the triglyceride molecular form) to maximize absorption. Another unique feature of this brand is all its supplements undergo testing, and every product has a certificate of analysis certifying it’s up to their standards.


Nordic Naturals Omega-3 supplements are available as gel capsules and in a liquid suspension. The concentrations of EPA and DHA are slightly higher in the liquid form than in the gel caps. The liquid form contains a minimum of 17% EPA and 11% DHA, whereas the gel capsules have 11% EPA and 7% DHA.  

If you’re using the soft gels, administer 1 capsule per 20 pounds of body weight daily.

The dosages for the liquid formula are as follows:

  • 2 to 4 pounds: 0.5 ml

  • 5 to 9 pounds: 1.0 ml 

  • 10 to 19 pounds: 2.0 ml

  • 20 to 39 pounds: 2.5 ml (half a teaspoon)

  • 40 to 59 pounds: 5.0 ml (1 teaspoon)

  • 60 to 79 pounds: 7.5 ml (1.5 teaspoons)

  • 80 to 110 pounds: 10 ml (2 teaspoons)

  • Over 110 pounds: 12.5 ml (2.5 teaspoons)

Dosage instructions

Soft gels may pose a choking hazard to small breeds, so the manufacturer recommends owners prick a hole in the capsule and squeeze the contents into their food. Larger breeds can take the capsules wrapped in food or mix the capsule’s contents into their kibble. 


According to the National Research Council, DHA and EPA decreases inflammation, aids in nutrient metabolism, and strengthens the cell membranes. 

Several studies on omega-3 supplementation in humans and animals with glaucoma have shown great promise, noting that omega-3 levels lower eye pressure. 

A separate study of Golden Retrievers showed that omega-3s could reduce the likelihood of developing certain types of cancers in dogs with a genetic predisposition.  

Active ingredients in Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for Dogs

EicosapentaenoicaAcid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Side effects

  • Stinky breath

  • Unusual skin odor 

  • Upset stomach

  • Weight gain

  • Slow wound healing

  • Insulin sensitivity

  • Problems with blood clotting

  • Lipid peroxidation


Ask your vet before using  Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for dogs with dietary restrictions, since it contains allergy-causing ingredients and a large amount of fat. The high-fat content in fish oil supplements can cause watery stools in dogs with fat intolerances

There’s some evidence that fish oil can interfere with blood clotting and overall wound healing, so this medication may not be right for dogs taking anticoagulants or those with a poor immune system. 

Throw out fish oil supplements if they’re expired, develop a strange smell, or change consistency. Fish oil degrades quickly, especially without the addition of preservatives. This chemical change can cause dangerous free radicals to develop within the body. 

Drug interactions

DHA and EPA supplements have no definitive drug interactions that scientists are aware of. A possible drug interaction may exist between fish oil supplements and blood thinners, but there is little data to support this. Additionally, DHA supplements may interact with NSAIDs, but more studies are necessary. 

Allergic reactions and sensitivity

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 may not be safe for dogs with a seafood allergy since it contains byproducts of anchovies and sardines. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I give Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for young dogs?

Yes. Many vets suggest DHA for puppies since it helps with neurological development.

Is quality-testing of Nordic Naturals supplements done by a third-party?

Yes, Nordic Naturals outsources all the quality testing for their products. 

Do dogs produce Omega-3 fatty acids naturally?

No, dogs only get omega-3 fatty acids from their diet. 

How should I store liquid Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for dogs?

Keep this medication in the refrigerator since it may spoil if left out or exposed to light. 

Why should I give Nordic Naturals Omega-3 for dogs already on omega-3 dog food?

Most brands with DHA and EPA in their formulas don’t provide the amount of essential fatty acids dogs for health benefits. Alpha-linolenic acid is the main fatty acid found in pet food and comes from plants rather than fish oil. The issue with ALA is the body must convert it into bio-available DHA and EPA, but the bioconversion rate is quite low. Omega-3 supplements are a great way to make sure your dog’s nutritional needs are being met.

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