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7 Reasons Why Every Pet Parent Needs Wag! Vet Chat


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Loving a pet is an immensely fulfilling responsibility, but with that responsibility comes a lot of stress. Pets get sick, eat things they shouldn't, and behave unusually from time to time, which can cause a lot of anxiety for the people who love them.

Making a vet appointment every time you have a non-emergency question about your pet's diet or behavior isn't always an option. Pet parents have busy work schedules that often conflict with the operating hours of vet offices. Luckily, there's a service that bridges the vet care gap for busy pet parents and their fur-babies: Wag! Vet Chat.

Wag! Vet Chat allows pet parents to chat virtually with a veterinary professional any time, day or night, to discuss questions and concerns about their pets' health. Keep reading to learn how Wag! Vet Chat works and why every pet parent needs it.

How does Wag! Vet Chat work?

Wag! Vet Chat is one of the many pet care services available to Pet Parents on the Wag! app. Wag! Health services connect Pet Parents with certified veterinary professionals who are available on-demand to answer important questions. This service is an excellent option for pets who don't have a regular veterinarian, or for pet parents who need answers to health-related questions after normal vet hours. 

Wag! Vet Chat services are affordable, too. A one-time consult with a veterinary professional costs just $30. (Access to Wag! Vet Chat is free for Wag! Premium members and pets on our Platinum and Diamond tier Wellness plans.) The chat will remain open for 24 hours, allowing you to update the vet of any changes in your critter's condition. For more information about Vet Chat, check out our FAQ. 

Wag! Vet Chat allows users to share pictures of their pet's condition to better help the veterinary professional understand what’s going on. Veterinary professional on the Wag! app can address concerns about medical problems, offer guidance on first aid, explain how to administer medication, and more. 

Trusted veterinary advice for all your pets — big or small

Wag! Vet Chat offers access to professional pet advice that you can trust (unlike the misleading and even harmful advice you might dredge up after googling your pet's symptoms). Plus, Wag! Vet Chat can help with all your babies — not just dogs and cats! Wag! Vets also specialize in small animals and exotics to ensure your furry, feathered, and scaled pets stay in optimal health.

Wag! Vet Chat gives you peace of mind

Not all health conditions require veterinary treatment, but sometimes it's hard to tell whether your pet's problem requires medical attention — that's where Wag! Vet Chat comes in!

Veterinary professionals with Wag! can help you determine the best course of action for your pet's health and offer insight into whether or not your pet needs an in-person veterinary visit. The veterinary professionals available through Wag! Vet Chat can also walk you through treating minor conditions at home and tell you what to watch for should your pet's condition worsen.

It's less expensive than an in-person vet consultation

A basic vet consultation typically ranges between $100 and $150, but your vet bill can skyrocket to $800 or more should your pet need after-hours care at an emergency animal hospital. 

Wag! Vet Chat offers pet parents access to affordable pet health advice and can save you hundreds on vet visits for minor medical problems. For just $30 (or for free with Wag! Premium), you can book a consultation with a trained veterinary professional who will offer you guidance on your pet's problem as needed for up to 24 hours. 

Wag! Vet Chat isn't limited to information about your pet's injuries and illnesses, either. The vet professionals will be happy to assist you by answering questions about pet food and nutrition, what medications are safe for your pets, and even behavioral issues.  

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It's convenient

Getting access to pet health information couldn't be easier with Wag! Vet Chat. You can access vet chat services right from your phone using the Wag! app, available for both Apple and Android devices.

You'll get answers fast

Unfortunately, a lot of vets have limited availability. Wag! Vet Chat ensures you get prompt answers to your question without having to wait for an in-person appointment. The average wait time for a Wag! Vet Chat consultation is around 5 minutes, though you may have a longer queue time when there's a high volume of requests.

"I was able to cover so many concerns with the vet today, without paying the expensive emergency care fee! Thank you for being available like this. It's really comforting and amazing and appreciated." – review from Alex, a Wag! Vet Chat user

24/7 Wag! Vet Chat availability

Veterinary professionals are available 24/7 to support your pet's health — even nights, weekends, and holidays when regular vets aren't open!  

Wag! Vet Chat doesn't just offer access to veterinary advice, but also peace of mind knowing that there are experts ready to answer your important questions whenever they arise. For on-demand health advice, any hour of the day or night, sign up for Wag! Premium and get unlimited access to Wag! Vet Chat for just $9.99 a month!

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