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AKC Pet Insurance | Pet Insurance Pricing, Coverage, & More | Wag!


By Adam Lee-Smith

Published: 07/15/2020, edited: 11/16/2021

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Updated: 7/15/2021

AKC Pet Insurance is one of the most recognizable brands of pet insurance in the U.S. Despite its association with the American Kennel Club, AKC Pet Insurance is run by a different organization known as PetPartners Inc. and is a separate entity.

While AKC is a popular choice due to its relatively low premiums and policy flexibility, you may be wondering if this is the right pet insurance company for your dog. This unbiased guide covers everything you need to know about AKC Pet Insurance.

How much does AKC pet insurance cost?

Like all nationwide pet insurance providers, the monthly cost of pet insurance through the AKC depends on your dog's age and breed. You'll also need to consider your deductibles and whether you buy any add-ons. These include coverage for hereditary conditions and reimbursement for standard procedures like dental exams and neutering.

The average monthly cost of pet insurance with AKC Pet Insurance is around $35 per month. As mentioned, AKC Pet Insurance offers a range of add-ons that cost anywhere from $2 to $29 extra per month. 

One of AKC Pet Insurance's selling points is a 30-day upfront insurance package for no additional cost after registering your dog with the American Kennel Club. This policy requires no commitment past 30 days. In many states, this 30-day policy requires activation, so check the AKC Pet Insurance website to see if this applies to you. This plan includes a $100 deductible and a $500 incident limit, which is less comprehensive than annual policies but includes reduced waiting periods in case something goes wrong with your dog. This policy is only available to new customers. 

AKC Pet Insurance offers a customizable CompanionCare plan, which allows you to customize your deductibles, coinsurance, and annual limit based on your needs and budget. The most basic plan AKC Pet Insurance offers is CompanionCare Lite, which features a $100 deductible, a $500 incident limit, and 20% coinsurance. There's no limit on the number of claims available on this plan. 

If your dog is elderly or has a pre-existing condition like diabetes, they may be ineligible for a full CompanionCare plan. Your dog may only be able to sign up for the AccidentCare plan, which covers dogs for injury but not for illnesses.

How do I file a claim with AKC pet insurance?

First, you will need to pay your veterinarian and request an itemized invoice. You can then submit a claims form via mail, fax, email, or customer care. Claims are usually processed within 5 days of submission. Ensure you complete the form fully and include any requested information; otherwise, your application may be delayed. 

A decision of eligibility will depend on your dog's medical records and your vet's recommendation. If you have outstanding deductibles, they will be subtracted from the coverage provided. Payments will be made directly to you, and coverage is provided to all vets in the U.S. and Canada.

What does AKC pet insurance cover?

Coverage with AKC Pet Insurance depends on whether your pet has a CompanionCare or AccidentCare insurance policy. 

CompanionCare plan: coverage and exclusions

If your dog is on a CompanionCare policy with AKC Pet Insurance, it's essential you know which common exclusions aren't covered by your policy:

  • Pre-existing conditions whose symptoms appear or are diagnosed before the start of your coverage and during your waiting period
  • Physical examinations, including phone consultations
  • Injury caused by neglectful behavior
  • Cosmetic treatments such as bathing, grooming, etc.
  • Diagnosis of injury or illness as a result of breeding, nursing, pregnancy, etc.
  • Various dental procedures such as crowns, root canals, gingivitis, etc.
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Hereditary diseases without purchasing the HereditaryPlus add-on
  • Obesity

This list doesn't include everything covered by a CompanionCare policy. If you are unsure what's included in your plan, read the terms and conditions for a complete list.

CompanionCare offers support for a range of illnesses, injuries, and treatments, including:

CompanionCare allows you to customize your plan and covers you for holistic medications, vitamins, and supplements. This is not a comprehensive list of what CompanionCare includes. A full list is available in the T&Cs.

AccidentCare plan: coverage and exclusions

As mentioned, AccidentCare does not cover most illnesses, as it is best suited to elderly dogs and those with a pre-existing condition. AccidentCare offers support for:

  • Lacerations

  • Sprains

  • Broken bones

  • Snake bites

  • Bee stings

  • X-rays

  • Lab tests

  • Surgery

This list is not comprehensive, so please check your policy to see if your dog is covered.

How to apply for AKC Pet Insurance

Your dog must be at least 8 weeks old to be covered by AKC Pet Insurance. There's no age limit on insurance; however, dogs with a pre-existing condition or those over 9 years old are only eligible for AccidentCare. 

When applying for AKC Pet Insurance, you will need to provide some basic information about your dog, including their age, breed, name, and whether they have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with Cushing's disease or diabetes. 

You'll have to supply an email address where the AKC can forward your insurance policy and other important information. Remember, activation of your policy is required in certain states.

What is the waiting period for AKC Pet Insurance?

If you take out an annual plan with AKC Pet Insurance, you will have a 2-day waiting period for injuries and a 14-day waiting period of illness. This injury waiting period is the same on both CompanionCare and AccidentCare plans. However, this waiting period is different for the 30-day trial. Waiting periods are reduced during this trial period to 1 day for injuries and 5 days for illnesses.

AKC Pet Insurance reviews

Reviews on the ConsumerAffairs website are generally positive. Most negative reviews seem to be due to problems with AKC Pet Insurance's 30-day trial. Many customers describe issues with waiting periods, activation of the plan, and rejection of claims. AKC Pet Insurance seems very responsive to criticism and attempts to resolve any complaints.


At the time of writing, AKC Pet Insurance (Pet Partners Inc.) has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for over 14 years. AKC Pet Insurance is not accredited with Consumer Affairs. There is no clear record of federal legal action against AKC Pet Insurance.

Is AKC Pet Insurance right for my dog?

AKC Pet Insurance is a credible insurer that offers affordable dog health insurance policies that cover a range of illnesses and injuries. One of the company's strengths is its CompanionCare policy, which allows you to customize the plan to suit your dog's needs. Most problems tend to occur due to confusion regarding AKC’s 30-day trial. If you're planning on trying the 30-day plan, ensure you have it activated correctly, and make sure you keep screenshots and timestamps of the activation to make sure there's no confusion. 

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