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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?


By Wag! Staff

Published: 05/25/2021, edited: 03/26/2024

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There’s nothing more satisfying than a slice of juicy watermelon on a hot, summer day. This delicious fruit can be served at room temperature, chilled, or even thrown on the grill for a smokey, sweet treat — making it a favorite at everything from picnics to BBQs. 

As you tuck into this crunchy snack your dog will, no doubt, be looking up at you with their puppy dog eyes hoping for a bite too. So, can dogs eat watermelon? 

Read on to find out how to feed it to them and the health benefits as well as what you need to be aware of. 

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Yes, dogs can eat watermelon. It’s both a safe, and healthy, fruit for them to enjoy. Due to the fact this fruit is around 92% water it’s also particularly beneficial for hydration on a hot day. 

Start off with a small piece and see if they like it — you may find they turn their nose up at it. If they don’t, then remember, as with all food, it should be fed to them in moderation.

Can dogs eat watermelon rind?

No, we wouldn’t eat the rind and your dog shouldn’t either. It’s important to remove this before giving this juicy fruit to your pup. While it’s not toxic to them, if they eat it, it could cause gastrointestinal upset because it’s difficult for them to digest. There’s also a chance they could choke on it. Plus, chewing on a hard rind can cause damage to teeth, especially if your dog has had dental issues.

Can dogs eat watermelon seeds?

While we can eat the seeds, these should also be removed before feeding watermelon to your pup. Again, they aren’t toxic but they can cause an intestinal blockage which could become deadly if not treated right away. 

While watermelon is a healthy snack for your dog, some fruit is toxic to them. If they eat anything they shouldn’t then they need to be seen by a vet immediately. Browse and compare the best pet insurance plans to make sure you’re covered. 

Can puppies eat watermelon?

Yes, puppies can eat watermelon as it’s a low calorie snack that’s full of nutrients and vitamins which are incredibly beneficial for them. But, as with adult dogs, it’s very important to remove the rind and seeds first. You should also cut it up into small pieces and make sure you don’t overfeed them.

Is watermelon good for dogs?

Watermelon is packed full of vitamins and minerals so it’s not only yummy, it’s healthy too. While it shouldn’t replace your dog’s regular food, it can be a great addition to their diet - when fed in moderation. 

Is watermelon good for dogs? Yes — and the health benefits include: 

  • Vitamin A — good vision and bone growth in puppies
  • Vitamin B6 — aids healthy cognitive function
  • Vitamin C — boosts immunity
  • Potassium — healthy nerve function and heart rhythm
  • Fiber — maintains healthy bowel movements
  • Lycopene — an antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer, decreases cholesterol levels and controls high blood pressure

Plus, watermelon is low in calories and sodium, and completely fat and cholesterol free. 

While you want your pet to enjoy their food, it’s also important that it benefits their health. Check out our friends over at Dog Food Advisor for advice including the best fresh dog food and the best natural dog food.

Is watermelon safe for dogs?

Watermelon is safe for dogs but there are a few things you should be aware of before feeding it to them. 

Firstly, it does contain sugar which can be problematic for dogs, especially if they are diabetic or overweight. Always speak to your veterinarian before giving fruit treats to your dog if they have diabetes or any other health condition. This is also why it should be fed to all dogs in moderation, to prevent obesity, diabetes and inflammation.

While watermelon isn’t a common allergen for dogs, there is still a chance they could be allergic to it. When you feed it to them for the first time, give them a small piece and then watch for any signs of an allergic reaction

This can include skin inflammation and itching, drooling, diarrhea, vomiting or trouble breathing. You should visit the vet immediately if they show any of the symptoms. 

Remember, to ensure it’s safe for all dogs — especially smaller breeds and puppies - you must always remove the rind and seeds before giving it to them.

How to feed watermelon to your dog

Now you know your dog can eat watermelon, you might be wondering how to feed it to them. 

You’re aware you need to cut away the rind and remove the seeds — so make sure you do that first. Some people love salting their watermelon, but be sure to skip this step when you are giving it to your dog as the excess sodium can become dangerous for them.

Now the fruit is ready for them to eat, here’s a few ways you could serve it to them: 

  • Cut up watermelon — in bite-size pieces appropriate to your dog’s size
  • Grilled watermelon — for a sweet and smokey taste
  • Frozen watermelon — freeze chunks for a tasty cool-down on a hot day
  • Watermelon smoothie — throw prepared watermelon chunks into a blender with some ice cubes for another cold treat. Add a couple of mint leaves for an extra layer of taste, or even a dash of honey or some plain yogurt.
  • Fruit salad — cut up other dog-safe fruits like bananas, apples, blueberries or strawberries and add to their bowl together 

But, always remember, you don’t want to overfeed them — too much could cause them to have an upset stomach or diarrhea. 

Likewise, anything you serve with the watermelon should be safe for dogs too. While there is plenty you can make yourself with the fresh fruit, watermelon flavored lollies, sweets and drinks are not suitable for dogs as they contain additives that can be dangerous for them. 

Do you have a wellness plan for your pup? You can ask any questions you may have about your dog including their diet during the routine examinations which are included in the plan.

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