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Can Dogs Eat Bananas?


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Published: 02/11/2021
While feeding your favorite canine healthy vet-approved dog food is the best thing you can do for them, sometimes allowing them a tasty treat is just what they want!

But we’re not talking topping their food with lots of spicy and flavorful table scraps. These foods don’t mix well with the canine digestive system.

Along with homemade snacks, several fruits and vegetables are a-okay to give your dog for an occasional treat. Apples, blueberries, cucumbers, and broccoli are just a few of the nutritious foods that dogs love to sample when they can.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Yes! Dogs can eat and enjoy bananas!

Bananas are a flavorful treat that can be eaten by dogs in moderation. Let’s unpeel the banana to see how your pooch can enjoy it.

What is good about bananas for dogs?

Potassium is one of the main nutrients in bananas. In fact, it’s the star. Potassium is a helpful nutrient for the heart, nerves, and muscles. If your dog is losing muscle mass and losing weight, lack of potassium may be the problem. Have the veterinarian give your dog a check-up just in case.

Potassium is good for your pooch’s digestion and the heart. Sources for potassium, along with bananas, are pumpkin and spinach. Make your pupster a homemade dog biscuit and throw one of these super-good-for-pooches ingredients in! 

Vitamin B6 is found in bananas and works to help balance sodium and potassium in the body. Only small quantities are stored, making it essential to provide this vitamin in food. The sweet banana is a good way to pass B6 on to your pet. 

Vitamin C is another nutrient in bananas. Vitamin C helps with wound healing and also protects the body’s cells. 

Biotin is another nutrient. The biotin in your pup’s banana treat will help their coat shine and give them healthy skin.

Magnesium is a beneficial nutrient, too. Looking to help keep your dog’s bones healthy? Delicious bananas can help to do that because they are a good source of magnesium.

Fiber is super good for dogs and bananas are full of fiber. Fiber is essential to your dog’s digestive system, ensuring that food is digested properly and the digestive system is functioning in top-notch fashion. Too much banana can cause constipation, though. Keep this in mind when allowing your dog to eat bananas.

Beware of the sugar content!

Yes, bananas have a lot of good things going for them. They are high in sugar, though so should not be given to dogs too often. Weight gain and a rise in blood sugar are two things you want to avoid. Moderation is key!

What about banana peels?

Peel your pup’s banana and slice it before handing it out. Your hungry hound may not take the time to chew a banana given to them in large pieces.

But most importantly, peel the banana first. A banana peel can easily cause a blockage. The fibrous and thick peel is very hard to digest. 

Can I give my dog banana chips?

Dried banana chips are an excellent way for humans to get a quick energy boost. But banana chips purchased from the grocery store are most likely pretty high in sugar and preservatives content. 

Make banana chips at home by slicing bananas and brushing them with lemon juice after lying them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Baking will take about 1 ½ to 2 hours at 250 degrees F. Remember to turn halfway through. These banana chips will be more on the chewy side than crunchy.

Easy ways to give your pupster bananas:

  • On a hot day, give your dog a few frozen banana slices
  • Mash a bit of banana, add some to a kong, and freeze for a long-lasting treat
  • Mash banana with a dollop of dog-safe peanut butter (no xylitol as it’s toxic to dogs!)
  • Top your dog’s meal with a few banana slices

Bananas are a portable, on-the-go treat you can bring along on a hike to share with your canine sidekick. You can also use little bits of banana as a training treat.

Is there such a thing as too much banana?

Small dogs should have no more than a couple of slices a day. Large dogs can eat up to half a banana a day. But watch out for signs of too much, which can be constipation and stomach upset. Overfeeding your dog banana can lead to too much potassium as well, and that is something to be careful about.

Rather than give your dog bananas as the only special treat, try other tasty foods like strawberries and cantaloupe. Stay clear of cherries, grapes, onions, and asparagus. Check with your vet first to make sure the choices you make are safe for your dog.

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