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Doggo Pet Insurance Review [Updated 2023]


By Wag! Staff

Published: 04/04/2023, edited: 04/04/2023

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When your pet suffers an illness or accidental injury, pet insurance can help you get them the treatment they need. Doggo is a relatively new pet insurance provider that offers accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats.

Founded in 2018 and acquired by pet wellness platform Antelope in 2022, Doggo offers pet insurance plans that are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company. 

But does Doggo offer the right coverage for your pet? To find out, keep reading this detailed Doggo pet insurance review.

Coverage and exclusions

Doggo's pet insurance policies cover a wide range of accidents, illnesses, and veterinary care expenses. Let's take a closer look at covered and excluded expenses.

Covered veterinary care expenses

  • Exam fees for covered conditions 
  • Hospitalization
  • X-Rays, MRIs, CRT scans, and ultrasounds
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Emergency care
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medicine
  • Prescription food for covered conditions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Alternative and holistic treatment
  • Specialty care

Doggo plan holders can also access one-on-one dog training from Doggo’s professional dog trainers. However, please note that this service is not available in several states, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Covered accidents and illnesses


You should also check the list of exclusions so that you’re aware of what your Doggo plan doesn’t cover. Several treatments and situations are not covered, such as:

Several other exclusions apply, so check out a sample Doggo policy to find out what is and isn’t included in coverage.

How much does Doggo pet insurance cost?

To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay each month, we sourced a mock quote from Doggo's website. For a 3-year-old, medium-sized mixed breed dog living in Los Angeles, we were quoted between $24.01 and $92.57 per month.

The cheapest premiums were for plans with a high deductible, a low reimbursement rate, and a low annual coverage limit. The most expensive premiums were for plans with a low deductible, a high reimbursement rate, and a high annual coverage limit.

Factors that affect the cost of Doggo policies

Several factors can affect the cost of pet insurance, including:

  • Your pet’s age. Pet insurance premiums cost more for older dogs.

  • Your pet’s breed. Your pet’s breed is an important factor that affects how much treatment costs. Veterinary care generally costs more for larger dogs than for smaller dogs, while some breeds are prone to specific health problems.

  • Where you live. Veterinary costs vary based on where you live around the country and whether you reside in a city or rural area.

The cost of Doggo insurance will also be impacted by the deductible, reimbursement rate, and maximum annual payout amounts you choose. Let's take a closer look. (Need a refresher before diving in? Check out our guide to pet insurance terms and what they mean.)

Deductible options

When you enroll in a Doggo pet insurance policy, you can choose one of the following annual deductibles:

  • $100
  • $250
  • $500

The deductible is the amount you're required to pay out of pocket toward your pet's vet care in a 12-month period. Choosing a higher deductible will mean lower monthly premiums.

Reimbursement rate options

You can choose the percentage of your pet's vet bills that your policy will cover. Doggo offers the following reimbursement rates:

  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%

The more your plan covers, the higher your monthly premiums will be.

Maximum annual payout options

Unlike some pet insurance providers, Doggo will only cover up to $15,000 of vet care expenses over a 12-month period. When you enroll, you can choose from one of the following max annual payout amounts:

  • $5,000
  • $7,000
  • $10,000
  • $15,000

As you’d expect, choosing a higher annual limit means you’ll have to pay more for coverage.


Finally, the cost of your policy will also increase if you include Doggo’s Preventive Care Add-on. This includes coverage for expenses such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and dental cleaning.

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orange pen and black glasses set on top of a blank pet insurance claim form

How do I file a claim with Doggo?

If your dog is sick or injured, you can take them to any licensed veterinarian in the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada for treatment. You’ll need to pay for treatment out of your own pocket and then submit a claim to Doggo for reimbursement.

You can submit your claim in 3 ways:

Email: claims@home.trydoggo.com

Fax: 1-866-888-2495

1208 Massillon Rd. Suite G 200
Akron, Ohio 44306

To submit a claim, you’ll need to provide the following information and documentation:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your Doggo account number
  • Your pet’s name, breed, age, and gender
  • Details of your pet’s illness or injury
  • Your vet’s name and contact details
  • A copy of your invoice for the treatment your pet received
  • A copy of your pet’s medical records 

You’ll need to submit your claim form within 270 days of your pet receiving treatment.

person sitting next to a black and white dog on a beige couch using their left hand to type on a laptop and their right hand to pet the dog

How to apply

Doggo pet insurance is available for dogs and cats that are at least 8 weeks old. The first step in the application process is to get an online quote via the Doggo website. You’ll need to provide:

  • Your pet’s name, age, and breed
  • Your ZIP code
  • Your email address

You’ll then be shown a quote for Doggo’s standard plan (80% reimbursement rate, $250 deductible, and $10,000 annual coverage limit). If you’d like, you can customize these 3 figures to suit your needs before providing your name and payment details.

What is the waiting period for Doggo pet insurance?

Doggo has a 14-day waiting period for accidents, illnesses, and ligament and knee conditions.

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Doggo reviews

There were a limited number of customer reviews for Doggo at the time of writing. However, the company had picked up an average rating of 5/5 from 33 Google reviews, and 4.5/5 from 36 reviews on Trustpilot.

Those who left positive reviews praised Doggo for its easy sign-up and claims process. However, it’s worth mentioning that several reviews, particularly those on Trustpilot, are for Doggo’s training services rather than its pet insurance.

Is Doggo pet insurance right for your pets?

Doggo is well worth considering if you’re searching for comprehensive coverage for your dog or cat. To help you make the best decision for your fur family, let's take a look at the pros and cons of Doggo's insurance policies.


  • Policies are quick and easy to take out.
  • Plans offer coverage for a wide range of accidents and illnesses.
  • More time to file claims (270 days compared to the 30-day standard).
  • Dog training services are covered in some states.


  • Covers up to $15,000 a year in vet care costs.
  • Hasn't received many consumer reviews.
  • 14-day waiting period for accidents.

As to whether it’s right for your pet, you’ll need to compare Doggo with plans from a range of other insurers to find the best coverage for your fur-baby and the best value for you. 

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