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Eusoh Pet Insurance


Save on pet insurance for your pet

You don't have to choose between your pet and your wallet when it comes to expensive vet visits. Prepare ahead of time for unexpected vet bills by finding the pawfect pet insurance.


Updated: 6/9/2021

Founded in 2017, Eusoh is relatively new on the pet “insurance” scene. We’ve placed insurance in quotes because Eusoh isn’t a traditional pet insurance company. Instead, it’s a crowdfunding platform where groups of pet parents assist each other with veterinary costs.

Eusoh charges a deposit and flat monthly subscription fee instead of premiums. Not sure if Eusoh is right for your dog? Read our unbiased review of Eusoh for more information on pricing, filing claims, and more.

How does Eusoh work?

Eusoh’s approach to dog care is somewhat unconventional — it operates through groups of pet parents who share pet insurance costs.

How Eusoh groups work

Pet parents have the freedom to join the group of their choice or create their own. To join an existing group, pet parents must fill out a questionnaire. They’ll receive a decision from the group moderators within 24 hours. Acceptance is not guaranteed, but members aren’t allowed to remove other members from the group. New groups must have a minimum of 10 members to become active, but there’s no upper limit.

Pet parents in the Eusoh Dogs group can change groups at any time without consequence. For other groups, members are required to commit for 1 year. Members can change their group when their subscription becomes eligible for renewal. 

If a member wants to change groups before the year is up, they forfeit their deposit for that group. They must then submit a new $48 deposit for the new group. Expenses aren’t covered until members join the new group.

How expense sharing works

Pet parents pay for all veterinary costs upfront. Then, they have until the 28th of the month to upload their invoice to Eusoh’s Expenses dashboard for verification. Invoices older than 30 days are ineligible for reimbursement.

Members are responsible for paying 20% of each expense submitted. This amount is known as the member share. Once the invoice is verified, Eusoh’s system will calculate how much of their expense share applies toward their annual out-of-pocket requirement of $250.

Members will then receive the reimbursable amount of the expense. This amount is up to 80% of the cost, but varies based on veterinary prices in their area and other factors. At the end of the month, members withdraw their reimbursed expense to their bank account.

To borrow an example from Eusoh’s website, if your vet bill totals $1,000, you’re responsible for your annual out-of-pocket obligation of $250, plus your 20% member share. Your total out-of-pocket expense is $450. The members of your group then pitch in to reimburse the remaining $550.

Let’s say you’re hit with another vet bill for $350 shortly afterward. Since you’ve paid your annual out-of-pocket amount of $250, you only need to pay your 20% member share, or $70. The members of your group cover the remaining balance.

When group members submit expenses, small amounts of each member’s deposit is deducted to cover the cost. At the end of each month, members must top up their balance to $48 to maintain their membership.

How much does Eusoh cost?

The monthly subscription fee for Eusoh is $17 per pet. A $48 deposit applies upon signing up for the platform. Members must keep their deposit balance at $48 to help other pet parents in the group cover their expenses. Eusoh claims the average monthly cost is $40, and members won’t pay more than $65 per month.

An annual out-of-pocket expense of $250 applies, plus a 20% member share for each expense submitted. The annual out-of-pocket expense goes into effect on the day you join your group. After this amount is met, members are eligible for reimbursement. A maximum annual reimbursement amount of $8,500 applies.

Eusoh calculates reimbursement amounts based on the average prices of procedures listed in Eusoh’s Procedure Guide, plus or minus a regional adjustment.

What does Eusoh cover?

Members can sign into their Eusoh dashboard to access a searchable list of covered procedures and medications. These include:


Eusoh doesn’t cover the following expenses:

*Pre-existing conditions don’t disqualify pets from membership, but Eusoh does not cover the costs of pre-existing conditions.

Eusoh adheres to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s ethics rules regarding the treatment of animals and does not cover unethical treatments.

How to apply for Eusoh

First, you’ll need to create an account on the Eusoh website. Provide some information about you and your pet, as well as your billing info. You won’t be charged until your request to join a group is approved. Pet parents who still have questions can schedule a no-obligation informational call. 

Once your account is active, you can join a group or create your own. Expense sharing begins the day you join your group.

What is the waiting period for Eusoh?

Members must wait 30 days before submitting a claim to Eusoh.

Eusoh reviews

Eusoh is accredited with the the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. At the time of writing in 2020, only one complaint was submitted to the BBB, which Eusoh resolved promptly.

Eusoh reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Satisfied customers praise the easy claims process, good customer service, and value for money. Negative reviews cite long wait times for reimbursement.

How Eusoh differs from traditional pet insurance

Eusoh isn’t a pet insurance company or broker — it’s a peer-to-peer platform. Eusoh doesn’t limit pet parents to a network of veterinary clinics. Members can submit an invoice in just a few taps on their smartphone. Unlike many insurance companies, Eusoh covers routine pet care, although it’s unclear from the company’s website which expenses fall into that category. The intuitive member dashboard makes it easy to search for covered procedures and medications.

The flat monthly membership fee works for pet parents on a budget. The company’s goals are to revolutionize the insurance industry by driving costs down and let pet lovers share pet insurance costs. Eusoh members can rest assured they’re not paying inflated costs to an insurance company’s profit pool. The $17 membership fee is Eusoh’s sole source of revenue.

Is Eusoh right for your dog?

Eusoh is a good alternative to the traditional pet insurance company. Pet parents aren’t locked into a network of clinics or subject to expensive monthly premiums. The peer-to-peer model creates a community where pet parents can lending a helping paw to each other.

Pet parents who aren’t keen on contributing to other people’s vet bills might prefer traditional pet insurance. Overall, Eusoh is a one-of-a-kind option worth looking into for pet parents searching for less restrictive coverage.

Need help choosing the best pet insurance for your fur-baby? Compare pet insurance plans today and save more than $200 a year on pet insurance costs.

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© 2024 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.