Top 15 Indoor Dog Breeds

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Indoor dogs might conjure an image of small dogs, and although small dogs are best in small indoor spaces, there are other sized pups that can thrive in a mostly indoor environment as well. Another consideration for an indoor pooch would be level of barking. Nothing is worse than a dog that is constantly yapping all day long, especially if you live in an apartment. You also need to make sure the breed is not an outdoor type that needs to be running and playing all day long, like the Australian Cattle Dog or the Siberian Husky. The pawesome pooches who are most happy to hang out at home are those who have lower energy levels and do not need several hours of physical activity every day. It is also great if your inddor pup doesn't shed too much. Here are the top 15 indoor dog breeds that can help narrow down the best pup for your home.


Almost always at the top of the charts, the Poodle is one of the most furfect pups there are, especially for indoor living, because they don’t shed and hardly ever bark without a good reason. While they do enjoy being outside, they prefer the home life where they can lay around and relax.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon does not shed and has the silkiest white fur coat of all. They love to cuddle, prefer being lap dogs, and although they won’t scoff at taking a walk to the dog park, they really would rather chill out on the couch with you. These poochies also love kids and don’t typically bark much.


This designer breed is a combination of the Bichon Frise and the Poodle, which means you get the best of both breeds. These canine kids are hypoallergenic like their parents, and make furfect indoor companion pets since they are quiet. Adaptable to any environment, these small to medium fur babies are great for any family.
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The teeny-tiny Maltese is not great for the outdoors. With their white coat and tiny size, they wouldn’t last long in the wild, which is why they were bred to be lap dogs. They love to be cuddled, rarely bark, don’t shed, and enjoy chilling out in the house with you.


Combining the little Maltese with the Toy Poodle will give you a small curly-coated puffy pup that does not shed and hardly ever barks. They would rather nap all day on the carpet than run around outside, but they are not going to say no to some outdoor play with their human.


This Cuban canine is a silly little pup with a silky coat that weighs about 10 pounds fully grown. They don’t shed much and are usually pretty quiet. They do not really like being left alone though, so you may want to get them a playmate if you have to be gone often.


This hybrid is a mix of the Havanese and Maltese, which means you get a silky and sweet fur buddy with an affectionate and cuddly nature. They won’t leave hair all over the place and love to be a lap dog, although they fur sure won’t say no to a daily walk.

American Bulldog

This is not a small dog, but they are sort of lazy. In fact, they would much rather hang out in the house all day and relax than run around outside. Although they look furocious, these cuddly pups are lovable and gentle. They rarely bark, love kids and other pets, and don’t shed much either.


The Pug is one of the most characteristic small dogs there are with their squishy faces and wrinkly skin. They don’t shed much and rarely need brushing, and only bark when provoked. They also love to play and are small enough that being indoors all the time is fine with them.


Another hybrid, this one is a Pug and Poodle combination that means your wrinkled skin doggy will have some curly fur, making them even cuter. These pups don’t leave much hair around and enjoy being a homebody. However, they do like to play outside once in a while too, and need exercise.

American Pugabull

Mixing the tiny Pug with the medium-sized American Bulldog will give you a muscle-bound pooch with a silly face and fun attitude. These furfect fur babies rarely bark and don’t shed much, and they are happy indoors or out. They also love kids and other pets and fit in anywhere.

Shih Tzu

This tiny Tibetan pooch was bred to be a lap dog and loves laying around all day doing nothing but napping. In fact, you may have to bribe them to get them to exercise. They do tend to yap a bit and shed if you don’t brush them, which is why they are number 12.


Mixing two of the cutest pups, the Shih Tzu and the Poodle will amount to nothing short of an adorable and intelligent pooch. They don’t get very big, love to please their humans, bark very little, and enjoy being indoors with you. They’re also gentle and love other pets, even cats.

Italian Greyhound

Although these hounds are usually bred to be hunters, they would honestly prefer to be pampered and treated like a lap dog. While they love to play outside, they like to spend a lot of time inside chilling out with the family. They do bark, but they are smart, so you can train them easily.


The final choice is the hybrid Poodle and Italian Greyhound. While small, they have long legs and a slim build with a wiry and coarse coat. They do enjoy being indoors, but need to get outside once in a while for exercise and may not like other pets or kids.