Top 10 Best Large Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

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Are you about to make a canine addition to your family by taking on your very first fur baby? Are you considering one of the large breed dogs, but are unsure if that type of pup is right for you? There's something magically woofderful about owning a large breed dog. Believe it! They are furrific companions, loyal furiends, and can make you feel safe and protected just by being by your side. Big dogs have puptastic stamina and love going on long walks or accompanying their pet parent hiking. Check out these top large breed dogs for first time owners to find your next furry pal!

Golden Retriever

If Golden Retrievers were human, they'd be the life and soul of the party. These pups are the happiest, most playful, most loyal and most loving large breed any first time pet parent could wish for. They love snuggling up with their pet parent on the sofa too. These pawsome doggoes are perfect for both singles, couples and families.


Boxers are a handsome, heavily chested, long-legged large breed which adapt well to novice owners. They are super smart, and if you're not sure what you are doing, they will soon put you straight. Boxers are a large breed with high energy levels who love ball games in the park.

Great Dane

Great Danes are the tallest large breed dog. It's easy to fall in love with their gangliness when they're pups. They can be clumsy until they get fully grown when their stature becomes regal. Danes are a large breed with infinite patience, so they can be perfect for the first time pet owner.
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Labrador Retriever

Labradors are a large breed dog with such a pawsomely gentle nature that they are ideal for the first time pet parent. That doesn't mean they're not naughty, mischievous pups when small. Labradors are also puptastically easy to train, and just love doing what their pet parent asks. They are furrific!

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a big breed doggo with a placid temperament which makes them pawfect for first-time pet parents. They may grow to weigh as much as 120 pounds, but don't think you'll be getting a guard dog. Barking is just too much bother for a Wolfie. Instead, this gentle giant would rather spend his time with you playing or cuddling.

Presa Canario

The Perro De Presa Canario is a super furiendly breed and are majorly weighty pups. Their intelligence is well balanced by their docility and obedient nature. They love everyone, but no one more than their pet parent. Nothing phases a pawsome Presa Canaria, as they can take it all in their stride.


Mastiffs are giants even among the large dog breeds. While Mastiffs may be massive, they are pawsomely placid and make ideal first time large breed pets. They take to training slowly, and don't like to be rushed, which is great for pet parents with little practice. They're puptastically devoted too.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are the noblest of the large breed dogs, and simply adorable when young. Their responsiveness to training makes them great first time pets for new owners. They're so smart; they'll even teach you a thing or two. Doggedly devoted, your German Shepherd will have eyes for only you.


Newfoundlands are enormous bundles of furry joy and a puptastic pet doggo for first time pup owners. The Newfoundland's size is a complete contrast to their sweet and trusting nature. They respond well to learning commands, and are wooftastic with kids. Expect a certain amount of slobber, but in the end, they're worth it!


The Weimaraner is the supermodel doggo of the large breeds, as they have a stunningly distinctive appearance. They're beautiful, smart, easy to train and offer unconditional love to their pet parent. Weimaraners can be hyper-energetic and need to be mentally occupied to keep them out of mischief, so keep these large pups entertained.