Top 8 Dog Breeds with Beards

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Some doggos come with some extra scruff on the end of their chins. For the most part, dog beards are charming and endearing- right up until they eat or drink. Then they are left with a flavor saver with bits of kibble or a sopping wet snout that gets wiped on the couch, floor, or pant leg. But these bearded breeds certainly have an abundance of character and often look wise beyond their years. Want a doggo with a little facial hair? Be sure to keep a towel nearby to catch the drool and leftover dog food! Check out these adorable bearded dog breeds.

#1 Schnauzer

Schnauzers come in three sizes- miniature, standard, and giant, and range from 10 pounds all the way up to 90. No matter which size you decide to bring into your family, you won’t be disappointed. All are known for having chin hair that makes them extra dignified. These pups are bright, loyal, and very spirited. Since they are super smart, they are also easy to train. 

#2 Airedale Terrier

While the rest of its body is usually kept trim, the Airedale Terrier has a pretty decent beard. Sometimes called “The King of Terriers,” this breed has long legs and a muscular frame. These versatile pups can be used for hunting, make pawsome athletic partners, and are woofderful companion animals. Even though they can be a bit stubborn, they’ve got a soft side that will melt your heart.  

#3 German Wirehaired Pointer

These pups have a fountain of whiskers on the ends of their noses, and busy eyebrows that complete their look. While the rest of their bodies are sort of shaggy, their beards are the star of the fur show. When it comes to German Wirehaired Pointers, action is the name of the game. Running, hunting, hiking- to these pups, anything is better than lounging around the house all day. 

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#4 Brussels Griffon

Topping out at 10 pounds, these pups are some of the smaller bearded beauties. Even though their bodies are pint sized, their personalities can fill an entire room. They know how to play and are incredibly loyal. Griffs are known for having human like eyes that can peer into your soul. So be on your best behavior when around one of the adorable canines. 

#5 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

One of the hallmarks of a Wheaten is their fabulous goatee. These pups look like a pale version of their relative the Airedale Terrier. Back in the day, this breed worked diligently on Irish farms. Today, their cheery disposition and deep devotion to their people make them furrific family pets. They are low shedding, but be prepared to spend extra time brushing their fluffy beige locks. 

#6 Scottish Terrier

The Scottie's stubby legs, strong body, and flowing beard are easy to recognize, and even easier to fall in love with. This spirited breed won’t just blend in with the family, they’ll soon take charge and keep everyone in line. While they can be standoffish to strangers, they are ever devoted to their beloved family. Scotties may seem all business, but deep down they love a bit of playtime. 

#7 West Highland White Terrier

Just like its petite body, the Westie’s beard is kept to a minimum. In fact, compared to their bearded peers, their facial fur is more like stubble. But nonetheless, this breed knows what it’s like to have food and water in their beard after dinner. They may be small and teddy bear looking, but Westies are sturdy pups that know how to get their paws dirty. 

#8 Bearded Collie

The name says it all. But their faces aren’t the only place with long fur. This breed wears their double coat all grown out, so plan on some extra grooming time. They hail from Scotland and can be mistaken for Old English Sheepdogs. As a herding breed, Beardies are independent, a tad stubborn, and outdoor lovers. They are also charismatic and always up for some fun.